Where is the cheapest place to buy nuts, seeds, berries etc?


I love walnuts, almonds, chai, pumpkin and sunflower seeds especially, but am really unsure where’s the best place to go to buy them. I’d rather support a local independent, recently bought chai in @Tedsveg - great value £1.50 for a small bag. I’m looking for bulk buy.

Does anyone have any good tips please?


There is Applejacks in the old Stratford shopping centre which is usually good price wise, I think they do bigger bags too :slight_smile: I like to go there when I’m not too lazy (otherwise I go to As Nature Intended, but that’s pretty pricey).


100% the Indian shops on Green Street.


Hi lee call in and talk to us at tedsveg if you want a bulk buy I am sure I can sort it

Give me a ring


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Ok thanks @Tedsveg - I was in your East Village store again today to pickup more Chai seeds and picked up some of your organic Quinoa which is also decent value at £2.50 per bag. I’ll pop in next week and share a list of the bits I buy regularly.


Late to this but TFC on the way to Leytonstone are pretty good for grains/nuts/pulses & bigger bags (not wholesale levels but enough to fill a pannier…)