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Hi @virsicas!
Theres also a local cycling club (E20cc), We post our weekly rides here on Yonder so if you want to ride in a group don’t be shy to check us out :smile:. And if you love swimming the Queen Elizabeth pool is open from 6:30am till 10:30pm (It’s amazing!)


I saw it and definitely I’ll join you :slight_smile: as I need to practise a bit more with my new road bike :biking_woman:


Awesome! :smile:


Hi there!

I’m Alex and I recently purchased the bike shop (4 months ago) that used to be called Skinny Eric’s in Felstead Street, Hackney Wick. We are called Frankenbike and offer servicing and repairs on all types of bikes. We also sell second-hand bikes and custom builds. Our website is frankenbike.cc.

Pop in and say hello!


Hi, I’m Sam. By day I work in IT, at evenings and at weekends I cook and sew. As well as making my own clothes, I am a Thermomix enthusiast. I use mine to cook most days. I run courses and demos for people wanting to know more about this machine that chops, whisks, stirs, heats, grinds and generally makes cooking a dream whilst hardly taking up any space. Watch Masterchef? Then you have seen one. Whether you love or hate cooking, this changes everything. They aren’t available in shops in the UK, all sales are through enthusiasts like me. Drop me a message if you want to know more.


Hi, My name is Jesica, I am from Argentina, but have lived more in USA and recently I moved to UK. I am a scientist and dancer, and I would love to create a geeky community in EV. I am also teaching on Wednesdays if you fancy some dance classes


Welcome Sam, all sounds a bit salesy, but I’m a sucker for efficient kitchen tech that makes life easy… feel free to start a thread under culture to talk about your offer


Hey @jesijem - you’ve discovered a geeky community here :slight_smile: welcome to Yonder and thanks for posting your events and links :ok_hand: