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I am a new joiner, Michael, looking to get involved in group rides. I live local and would welcome the opportunity to be part of the E20 community. Finance professional working with the Health service, love reading and sporting activities.
Looking forward to spending time with the group.


Welcome @Matthew_Quinn what’s the startup?


Welcome Nissa, you must have seen lots of change in Stratford, hope you’ve discovered @Trifictrudi Knit & Natter group!


Welcome @Obi — good luck with the new boot camp, please feel free to share updates, photos etc


Good to see you here Mike, keep an eye on the monthly E20cc threads for weekly rides:


About our club Newham Striders QEOP
This is a group of happy people keeping fit and well by taking to walking exercise. The group is open to all members of the public and membership/registration is FREE! This group is associated with the walking for Health program with Active Newham.
Walking is one of the simplest and most effective forms of exercise you can do, anyone can do it and it is very easy to get started, if you find it difficult to get active, why not start walking?
Location: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park/Stratford City.
Start Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Membership/Registration is FREE! Join Us for a Walk 07404107655-Walk Leader


Welcome to Yonder @Newham_Striders_Qeop

Please feel free to start your own thread and update with community images, dates and events.


Hi all, I am a Tower Hamlets resident currently studying Town Planning with Geography at Sheffield Hallam University. Despite living and studying in Sheffield during term time, I stay involved with the LLDC Legacy Youth Voice and Board as well as work at the ArcelorMittal Orbit.


I am currently doing research for my undergraduate dissertation. I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to fill out my survey at the link below:

If you do know any other residents, it would be very helpful if you could pass it on.

Thank you,

Gabrielle Appiah


Hello @Gabrielle and very welcome to Yonder, we met briefly yesterday at ‘Your Neighbourhood Talks’ event.

Well done on the panel, you came across very relaxed on stage, it must have been quite nerve racking answering some of the more awkward questions.

Local residents have had lots of questionnaires over the past couple of years on here, I’m sure a few people will help you and complete this one too! Pleasure to support you and good luck.

Oh and here’s the only snap I took of you on the panel below.


Thank you @Lee for your kind words and the photo!

This is such a great platform for communities and I’m glad to see it’s well used.

All the best, G


Hi all, this is the East Village playgroup, we hold drop in stay and play sessions in a friendly and welcoming environment where your little ones can play safely while parents/carers can sit, chat and make new friends. Our group is for anyone with little ones 0-5yrs, you don’t have to live in East Village to attend. There is a suggested donation between £1-5 to help with the sustainability of the group.

We run every:
Monday 9.30-11.30am

Timberlodge Café
1A Honour Lea Avenue
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
E20 1DY

We will update any changes here or on our FB and Twitter pages
FB: https://www.facebook.com/EVPlaygroup/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EV_playgroup

Thank You


Hello, I’ve lived over yonder in Bow, near the Roman since 1985. We’ve seen some changes!

Canary Wharf appeared, and I said, “Fancy building that there, in the middle of nowhere.” And sure enough it went bust! Today the Isle of Dogs is an amazing improvement over what was there before. The Olympic Park was an underutilised wasteland. Here’s an old photo I took of the original Carpenter’s Road locks:

The Olympics were a great success, and I’m really pleased that everything is going to plan with this great new park we’ve all gained.

With my interest in the back story of the East End growing I went on a Tower Hamlets Walkie Talkie course to learn how to run guided walks. As a way of practicing several of us ran a walk starting at Old Ford Road and going off onto Fish Island then Hackney Wick. With a bit more research I unearthed so much stuff that I’m now working on running each section as a separate walk.

Next Sunday I’m running my Vanished without trace - Mile End walk if anyone is interested. The full price is £10, but there’s a special 50% discount for locals if you use the promotional code of bowlocal.

Alan Tucker


Welcome and thanks for sharing - what an inspiring introduction post! Love the photo, do you have more?

@alaninbow - please feel free to create your own topic promoting your walk [quote=“alaninbow, post:91, topic:1633”]
Vanished without trace - Mile End walk

I know @Nick_Lane, @frankdasilva and @Echo would be interested in linking up :+1:


Hello @alaninbow nice to see you here on Yonder. I was great to meet you the other day at the event at the London Stadium as well. :slight_smile:


Welcome @alaninbow and as with Lee and Frank, it was good to chat at the London Stadium event. Would you mind if I copy a link to your introduction thread and paste it in to my historic images thread as I know people reading that will be interested in your photo and quite probably your walks? You are welcome to make a separate post to the thread if you prefer. I’ll copy the link here or as Lee suggests, to start a completely separate walk thread which I think is a grand idea to promote such an interesting local venture. I will certainly be looking to attend at some point.
Best wishes. Nick


Here’s the link. Cheers


Hi @Kherunnissa_Yaseen and welcome. I’ve been living in the Stratford ‘Village’ area for nearly 20 years also. You may have some photos of the area and be interested in reading or contributing to a thread I set up a couple of years ago. The link is below. I hope to see you at a future event. Warm wishes, Nick


Lee, thanks for the welcome. I’ve got very few photos of the back history. I wish I’d taken more, but at the time I didn’t think that the everyday stuff was special. Thanks very much for the suggestion to create a walks topic. I’ll have a go.


Having a historical photos area is a great idea.


Nick, thanks for the great welcome. Please do re post the image. The historic photos section is a great idea, and I’ll create a walks thread.


Thanks Frank, great to make contact with you too.


Hello Everyone!

We are Mobile Garden City – a a community-led space and garden on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where local residents and community groups can connect with nature, network and learn new skills through our programme of free workshops and activities.

The aim of the Mobile Garden City is:

To create a welcoming, beautiful and movable public garden
Demonstrate the ability to create productive and vibrant community spaces on meanwhile sites
Provide food growing, socialising, events and training opportunities for the whole community.

How can you get involved?

Ways to get involved with the garden include:

  • Helping to build and create the space
  • Growing your own food there
  • Enjoying the space for communal eating at our outdoor banqueting table
  • Undertaking accredited horticulture training
  • Participating in workshops, volunteer days and organised activities
  • Opportunities for regular and ad hoc/one off volunteering
  • Opportunities to shape the garden’s programme of events and how it is run
  • Simply sitting and relax in it!


Hi Emily,

Thanks for these. Speak to you after the Bank Holiday!

Have a good weekend.

Best wishes,

Mike Higgins,