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Hi All,

My name is Jazz Singh and I am of the Sikh faith. I work in the IT sector in Central London. Born and raised in East London and enjoy most sports. I am a keen cyclist and enjoy the occasional ride when the sun is out and the weather is blue. Last year a few friends and I completed the following 2 charity sportive rides:

1:130 Mile SACA Birmingham to London
2: 50 Mile Marlow Red Kite Ride

I plan to at some point train up for these rides again this year.

I was kindly introduced to this forum by Lee over at Pave Velo in the Olympic Village who also took the time to explain key terms around different bikes, sharing his product knowledge to narrow down what suits the user for their needs. (User being my brother).

Based in Leytonstone, I would like to get more involved in casual rides and using the olympic sites more on my weekends.

Jazz Singh.


Hi all! My name is Elliott and I moved into East Village over a year ago now with my brother (just can’t seem to shake him ;])

I’m the founder of a technology startup here in East Village that provides live online fitness classes for the community - https://www.joinflex.tv/

If you’d like to join any classes please do feel free to sign up (everything is free) and if you know any local trainers interested in getting their name out there - send them this way. Any and all feedback welcome of course :slight_smile:

Enjoy your week!


Welcome to Yonder to @huddlestudios @Jacks @moyakoren @Sensei @j1singh @ElliottJPerry


Thanks Lee! :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

We are People Business Solutions providing SMEs HR support.

We have in the past helped businesses with recruitment, redundancies, set up Terms and Conditions of employment, conducted health check on policies and practices, payroll and year end, pensions auto-enrolment, business restructuring and TUPE, manage sickness and absence… to name but few.

Our rates a SME’s friendly and would not cost you the earth. We can either set a monthly retainer if an ongoing support is needed, can discuss a daily or hourly rate, whatever suits your business best.

We have an adviser that operates directly from E20 and is available on short notice. If you are interested drop us a line advice@people-business-solutions.org to discuss what we can do for you.

Kind regards
PBS, Suze
follow us on twitter for Employment Law and HR updates @PeopleBusinessS


Welcome Suze, thanks for sharing information about your business solutions.


Dear Parents / Guardians!

Myself and my partner Helen are setting up a Children’s Activity Camp this Summer right here in the Olympic Park, in the outstanding facilities of Chobham Academy! Between the two of us we have 6 years worth of experience working at and managing American Summer Camps and Helen works as a PE teacher in Barnet. We are both local residents of E20 and very excited to be able to run our programme in this part of the borough!

Our Camp will be open to children between the ages of 8-16 and will run from 25th July to 19th August. We will be working alongside our staff who are a mix of teachers and tutors/experienced activity instructors and will offer a wide range of activities including Netball, Football, and Cricket to Drama, Guitar and Journalism!

Over the next couple of weeks we will be collecting feedback as we finalise our programme and website, which we aim to release in early May. We would really appreciate the community’s thoughts and therefore would be really grateful if you could take 60 seconds to complete our short survey - https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/QJPMS9B

If you have any feedback / questions / have experience setting up a children-related venture in the community please reach out to us on Yonder or enquiries@camphorizons.co.uk

Many thanks
Fabian and Helen



I am local to the area and looking to become more social. Since becoming pregnant, I have lost a social element of my life that I really miss and hope to meet new people and hopefully nurture some new friendships.


Hello Everyone

It’s great to join this community. Thank you Lee!

Mav here from UrSpaceToo.

We run a property business, UrSpaceToo, offering short and long terms rentals. We currently have vacancies in our lovely 3 bedroomed house, one ensuite, in Chobham Manor. The house boasts all the latest mod cons and with its chic décor and furniture can sleep up to 8 people comfortably.

If you would like more info or would like to have a chat about our service, please call Marcia on 020 3773 3392 or visit our website Here

Look forward to speaking soon!

Mav and the team


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Hello … My boy is 4 years and a half… would be great to know you!


Hello… we are moving in one week to East Village. We have been renting 5 years in Stratford, in front of Bingo Gala and Discover Story Center, and now finally we bought our home in East Village.
We are very excited to see this kind of tools and so many events for the community.
We have a 4 years and old boy.
Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for welcoming us here. I am Ledi, live in East Village.
I am helping my mother and auntie expand their cleaning and babysitting business. They are very experienced ladies but their English causes them barriers😞


Congratulations and welcome! I am Ledi and have 3 children and live in East village too.


Hello Reti… THANK YOU!
three!! uauuu!! :slight_smile:
At the moment getting crazy with how to do the home…what to buy bla bla… Grandad all the time with the child …
Please let me know some of your activities so we can meet…


Hi Natalia, I am Ledi. Was trying to set this up for my mum, Reti but I end it up keeping it for myself🙈.
My 2 eldest go karate 3 times a week, after school. Are you guys interested at all?


Hi All, I’m Matt!

I’m a startup founder!


My full name Kherunnissa but please feel free to call me Nissa, everyone does. I have grown up in Stratford for 20 years living just opposite West ham park portway side. Got married and a year later with a daugter we moved to green Street. Lived there for five years then moved to last two years been living just off central Park Road. I have four children and am at home but as my youngest is three will look to find work once she gets into full time school. I enjoy knitting and crochet may dabble in sketching when I can as well as cross stitching and my kids take after me on creativity, my eldest can knit and crochet and second can arm knit and finger knit and the two youngest love drawing and painting and cross stitching with me.


Hi everyone! My name is Obi and I have lived in Stratford for over 30 years. I am a Project Analyst and also a Personal Trainer :slight_smile: I have set up an action-packed fitness bootcamp taking place every Saturday at Chobham Academy, which is suitable for all fitness levels in a fun, vibrant and friendly environment! Would be great to build a community of people who wish to take their fitness to another level or just want to test themselves!