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Hi. I’m Trish - mother of 3 boys, married to Robert. We have just moved here from South Africa. My husband works for Aon Hewitt and I am seeking part time employment.


Hi Trish, Welcome to Yonder and E20. Good luck with the job hunting. Enjoy the weekend ahead of sport and celebration.
Nick :smile:


Nice meeting you, Andrew!


Hi Lee,
Didn’t answer your question! Yes, I was just talking to Yvonne about possibilities of offering Reflexology for echoes. Will happen soon, I believe!


Hey my name is Ashu, I live in Mara house, I am IT professional. I would love to start some activities.


Hi all,

my name is Samuel, I moved into the East Village about six weeks ago with my wife and 3-year-old son. I’m a graphic & web designer and a music producer in my spare time. My wife and I moved to Stratford in 1997, we lived there for 8 years and since then we’ve lived in various places around Hackney, most recently lower Clapton (Chatsworth Road).

Looking forward to the Village continuing to fill up and meeting more of the neighbours.


Hi Samuel,

Welcome to East Village. I live in Stratford Village, E15 and moved here in 1998 - I imagine you will have noted some of the changes over that time! I have a thread that you might be interested in looking at as it brings together people’s pictures of the area over the last few years.

Please feel free to look at it and contribute if you have any photos of the area from when you first moved here: Historical photos of E15 & E20 area - Please contribute if you can

Best wishes & hope to see you and your family at a future event.



Hi everyone,

My name is peter currently just left my job at grant thornton to look for new challenges.

I run a leadership programme in South Africa called the southafricachallenge.co.uk and also been involved in running an initiative called Failforward.co .

I am a recent Loughborough management science grad so I have some good links with Loughborough in London.

Previously been heavily involved in supporting university startups linked to an organisation called NACUE.com . I now sit as vice chair of the board of Enactus UK alumni - Enactusuk.org is an organisation the encourages uni students to go out and do good in the community with an entrepreneurial mindset. Always happy to offer support to people with ideas or to people running companies especially around: funding, social media use, targeting students, social enterprise application and business models.

Finally, live in Nero House with my girlfriend Amy and two flatmates Matt and Colin - Matt is hosting the October supper club but we often host curry nights £5 buy in so feel free to drop us a message if you are interested.



Hi @tkent, where abouts in South Africa :slight_smile: I spend a lot of time out there - would be great to meet up!


Hi @peterwb1,

We’re from Alberton in Johannesburg. I grew up in Durban - absolutely love the coast! Moved to Cape Town, where I met my husband and had my 1st child. Then did a career move to Joburg and had another 2 children.

I love the concept of southafricachallenge. I hope you are reaching a lot of school leavers and young adults. I am still seeking employment and trying to get my 2 youngest boys into school - a bit of a struggle :frowning:

When winter hits us, I may just take you up on the curry night :slight_smile:


Hello - My name is Karen and Iive and work in E2, Bethnal Green, very near Victoria Park.
I’m a life coach and mindfulness teacher and I am the founder of Green Space Coaching.

I am a believer in networking and I value and enjoy my local community in East London very much.

I hope to reach out into the East further by joining this group.



Hey folks,

Names Paul and have moved into the village very recently with my girlfriend Alejandra. Keen to get involved in some of the goings on and we love what we see so far! Nice to meet a couple of you in the Pave Velo shop earlier today :slight_smile: .

I work the city for the engineering firm Atkins and Alejandra works in Cambridge for an investment firm.

Hope to meet a few of you over time.


Ale & Paul


Welcome Ale & Paul. I’m just over the tracks in Ye Olde Stratford but hopefully catch up with you both sometime. Did you see the 3 page spread (4 including the rather nice aerial view) in the Evening Standard this evening? Stratford is clearly the place to be! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,




My name is Margo and together with Jack, Jess and Blake, we live in East Village since September. Thanks to @PaveVelo for letting me know about this platform!

We are all very keen to get involved! I am particularly interested in the bike club, so if anyone could reply here letting me know how to find more information on it I would really appreciate it.

Cheers! x


Hi Margo — Welcome to Yonder! we’ve added you to the East Village Community & E20cc sections:

East Village Community: https://yonder.e20.org/c/community/east-village-community
E20 Cycle Club: https://yonder.e20.org/c/sport-fitness/e20-cycle-club
E20cc members: https://yonder.e20.org/c/sport-fitness/e20cc-members


Hi my name is Steve Yarnold, I’ve lived in Stratford for the last 7 years, I love the park, me and the family use it often, just stumbled upon this community group and pleased I have so we can be connected with people in the local area. I also work in Newham as a registered nurse. I’m particularly interested in the E20 cycling club, I have young children and one on the way so keen to keep up to date with all the social activities for the young and us adults so we have the opportunity to escape.


Good to hear from you Steve, exactly what Yonder was built for, it’s all about joining the dots and bridging the communities around the park.

You might need to re-register on Yonder though, youve somehow created an anonymous profile, which is a feature, I’ll take a look at the admin.


Hi lee, thanks not sure how that happend


There I think that’s sorted added a profile picture of my youngest


Hello! My names Naomi Rochowski, I run an artisan lighting design studio in E10 (just on the edge of the Waterworks nature reserve). My husband and I have just moved home to E13 from N1.

We currently have a position open at the studio for a part time PA, if you know of anyone please do pass on my details for application; studio@naomipaul.co.uk

You can see our work here www.naomipaul.co.uk