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Welcome to Yonder — Go ahead, introduce yourself and dont be afraid to tell us about what you do, your websites, businesses, organisations, clubs and groups.

Don’t forget to share you weblinks and contact details!


Welcome to Yonder!

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Johnson. I am a mother of three, a wife and a writer


Welcome @laadejohnson Elizabeth, well done for making the first introduction. I believe there are a few writers here on Yonder — What do you write?

Nearest Postbox in East Village


I was born in North London and have moved back this year from the West of Ireland.
I have a corporate learning and development background and in recent years set up a training centre in Ireland teaching digital skills to entrepreneurs. I am also a farmer and a mother of 3 grown up children.
I love being back in London and especially to be living in East Village. I am currently looking for project or permanent work so that I can stay here long term.
I set up the East Village London Meetup group recently to get to know the neighbours and have met some lovely people through that - so do join if you haven’t already!



Welcome Anne. Looking forward to visiting some of your meetups and getting to know people from the local districts in and around the park.


Ive lived in the village for about a year and am rubbish with technology so am very happy to have found these groups to keep me up to date.


Hi Everyone,
I live just over the tracks in Stratford Village (E15) and have been there for just under 17 years.
I have historically worked in a park environment for many years and have a keen interest in the development of QEOP and all things related to the regeneration of the area.
It’s great to read these threads and hear all the exciting news associated with the East Village and surrounds.
I look forward to keeping in touch and meeting some of you as time goes by.


Hello we are Starshine Drycleaners!
We are opening our new drycleaners in Penny Brookes Street very soon!
We are a growing chain of specialist Drycleaners, and were moving in near you!

Starshine is a family run business that has grown rapidly over the last 10 years! In this time we have created a very efficient and hardworking team that aim for nothing but the best in our quality care for your garments and customer service, we have a very friendly staff base, cheap prices and good deals! We don’t just provide dry cleaning we provide alterations and repairs, shoe repairs, specialised leather cleaning and much more!

We are extremely excited about opening our latest branch here in East Village, pop in and say hello, we aim to create a good relationship with everyone working and living in and around East Village!

Hope to see you all very soon!

Starshine and the team :blush:


Welcome to East Village @Starshine!! I have been a resident here for over 15 months and I can’t tell you how glad I am to see you finally open - as a young single male who HATES ironing, I will be a regular customer :smiley:


Thanks for the intro @Nick_Lane — You’ve witnessed some incredible transitions over the past 17 years. It would be great to meetup as time goes by… one of the key objectives for Yonder is to support ‘stitching the fringe’

Welcome aboard @Starshine — Great to see you’ve nearly arrived! Feel free to post another intro onto this thread for continuity: Shops and Retail Units in East Village


Looking forward to seeing you! How exciting :smiley:


Hi my name is Chantal Owen-Wright and I have a 4 year old daughter Olivia


Welcome @odilewright — It’s great to see you here!


Hi my name is Alison Marchant I’m based in Stratford Village E15 where I instigate Small World - contemporary art projects engaging local residents from my studio - the ground floor of my terrace house. I’ve shown my installations nationally and internationally. Galleries include: The Photographers Gallery, Camden Arts Centre, Interim Art, Fox Talbot Museum, Ffotogallery, etc, and internationally at Franklin Furnace New York and Tokyo Metropolitan Museum,etc.

‘Tokyo Diary’ is a new installation I’ve constructed along the balconies of Stratford Circus and beneath glass across the cafe table tops. This installation is composed from pocket-size souvenirs from Japan. Packaging, event and travel tickets are enlarged, along with panoramic photos made on a throw-away card board camera in 1992. From collected items two decades ago this artwork re-emerges vintage, dream-like and futuristic.

‘Tokyo Diary’ is showing at Stratford Circus Arts Centre until 26 August 2015,

The cafe provide a selection of hot chocolates, coffees, cakes and dishes.

I’m usually on WIFI on the 1st floor, do introduce yourself if you wish to discuss the work, I’m happy to answer any questions.

General opening hours : Mon- Sat, 9am – 6pm. Sun, 9am – 4pm
(Closing times vary, please call front desk for times 020 8279 1001)


Great to see you here @smallworld Alison — Looking forward to coming along for a look!

Feel free to start your own new topic, images, videos and more information.

I’ll be in touch as mentioned.



Hi all,

I’m Simi, living a little out of East Village but working in the Sir Ludwig Guttman Health & Wellbeing centre. I’ve been living in the area since 2006 and am hoping that one day soon I will become your neighbour. At the moment I am at your service as a Reflexologist (those who are not sure what that means - I work your feet or hands by pressing specific points on them to help balance out your systems, bring about relaxation and promote your body’s self-healing abilities). Besides that I am also an Aromatherapist and Laughter Yoga Group Leader. As a self-employed person I am also a member of international business networking group aiming to help people like myself and grow local businesses in the area, which has worked wonders for my self confidence.
I love travelling, reading, movies, spending time in nature, history, archaeology, dance, martial arts, yoga, etc. Most of all I like spending time with great people like yourselves.


Hey @Simi — Lovely to see you here, we met at the SLG Open Day last week. I’m on a health kick at the moment and ever since meeting both @Bibi_Schonau and @andrewjohnson I’ve been on a mission to trying to find new ways of relaxing… something I’m starting to realise is important!

@yvonne_kumi mentioned that you might be offering taster sessions through @ShareEast — Would that be a good way of trying it out? I’ve got 5 Echoes to spend.


Hi Lee!

Great to hear from you. Yes, I remember you from Health centre, it was a great event.

Reflexology is great for many things but specially for relaxation. I’d be happy to offer you a demo session, or perhaps a full one - just need to remind myself how those echoes work.

I’ve been so busy lately I did not pay much attention to share east, but I’ll make it up.

I’m I the centre on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday’s. It is important to pre-book your session though.

Looking forward to meeting your feet :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


Thanks a lot — I’ll give you a shout next week @Simi

You haven’t listed your website or contact details for others interested in your services.


Hello Everyone,

I’m Andrew Johnson and I’ve been in East Village for 5 months now. It’s wonderful to see the place getting busier as the weeks go by.

My background is in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Coaching. I help people overcome blockages to success whether the blockages are chemical (stopping smoking and other addictions), emotional (negativity, phobias, anger, confidence issues etc) or physical (pain, sports performance etc). In fact, there is very little that a session of Hypnotherapy and/or EFT (tapping) won’t help with.

Over the last 7 years, I’ve been concentrating on my recordings for my website and for the iOS and Android App stores, but now I’m going to start seeing clients again.

I’m also about to start seeing corporate clients again for group Stress Management/Coping Skills Training

If you would like more information or would like to book an appointment, you can connect on any of the following ways.

Direct Line: 0748 200 2756
E: andrew@withAndrewJohnson.com
Twitter: @andrewjohnson

Website: www.withAndrewJohnson.com