We have moved from East Village to Prospect East, why are we ineligible to access the postal parcel collection in East Village?


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We recently moved from Mimosa House (a GLL property) into Prairie Building (a property on the Prospect East Development at the end of Liberty Bridge Road). We have been advised by our new landlord (East Thames Limited which has recently merged with London and Quadrant) that the development is outside the boundaries of the Village and that, as such, we are ineligible to access any of the services in East Village. Most pertinently from our point of view at the moment, we are keen to use the postal parcel collection service offered by the local office on East parade where, ironically, our Housing Management Officer is based. This seems very strange to us and I wondered if anyone else on this list has come across this anomaly?

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Mike Higgins,

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I’m not sure what postal collection service you’re speaking of but we used to send our parcels to 80 Celebration Avenue. Since we moved to Chobham Manor we cannot use 80 Celebration Avenue which is fair enough as it’s a service provided by GLL. All makes for fun and games when our new postcode isn’t registered with a lot of maps and we don’t have a concierge office for Chobham Manor!


Ups! You’re right! I meant Prize Walk (not East Parade!). Not sure where that came from. So, yes 80 celebration Avenue is the same place (as I think the office is on the corner of Prize Walk and celebration Avenue). Anyway, I take your point re Chobham Manor. I guess I’m just miffed as, in reality 80 celebration Avenue is very close and as it is available I thought to not just GLL residents but Triathlon Tenants too, I couldn’t understand why L&Q tenants can’t access it as well (as I thought Triathlon is part of the same group). As Prospect East is, it seems to me, in reality in the village, I don’t see why this service should not be extended to us.

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Mike Higgins,


Yes it’s available to Triathlon tenants.

Just to give you a feel - the Triathlon leaseholders pay a service fee of the order of £3 per square metre per month (so upwards of ~£150/month depending on size of the apartment) and a fraction of that pays directly for the running of services like the concierge.

So it seems like L&Q tenants need to convince their landlords to pay a fair share of the costs of running the concierge. Maybe your rent would go up by £5-10 per month (just a wild guess).


Triathlon and GLL both have properties within East Village.

L&Q recently merged (takeover?) with East Thames which built Prospect East but neither has any association with East Village.

You should see how confusing the management structure is at Chobham Manor; Taylor Wimpey, L&Q, Chobham Manor LLP, LLDC! It’s hard to know who’s responsible for what!


Hey. Are we able to get parcels delivered to 80 Celebration Avenue?

As in can we put this as the address on our delivery?

I was under the impression you had to deliver to your flat and if you’re lucky they’d take it to 80 celebration avenue rather than re delivering another day…