Waterproof Kit & sportif nutrition


Hi, I hope you do not mind me writing for advice.

I am doing ‘The Ring of Kerry’ sportif on the 6th July (108 miles). I’ve left training too late & suspect I will require the allocated 14hrs to complete the route. The wet weather this week has highlighted the need to invest in some decent gear to stay warm & dry in the event of bad weather. I have thermals, but my Gore jacket no longer keeps out the rain, (despite washing according to instructions with purpose made detergent, tumble drying & treating witn re-proofing solution).

Do you have any items of windproof/waterproof clothing you swear by/couldn’t cycle without? I would welcome any product recommendations for a 100% waterproof jacket, 100% waterproof gloves, overshoes & good base layers. Stuff with packability would be great so that I don’t have to bring a bag on the route.

In addition what do advise nutrition wise? Do I sustain myself with energy bars, drinks & gels only for the 14 hrs, or do you take something more substantial along? Peanut butter sandwiches?

I’ve found on the longer rides I’ve been doing that so many of the bars are very high sugar and can be a bit sickly after a while.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Best wishes,



Hi Roseann,

I use neoprene style gloves for wet weather, these will not keep your hands dry but will sort of act like a wetsuit and insulate you. As for jackets I’ve heard some great things about the gabba from Castelli, but I’ve never owned one myself so can’t really comment.

It also depends on the temperature as gloves and waterproof coats can actually be way too warm and you might over heat!

For food I’d follow your gut (no pun intended). Some riders will swear by gels, others by energy bars and others would take more substantial snacks. It’s always a good idea to test it out before the big event as you don’t want to deal with any stomach issues that can suddenly come up. If you find the bars and gels too sickly maybe try and find an easy savoury snack to bring with you on the bike but keep in mind it will have to be easy to open, eat and stash away if you aren’t stopping.

Good luck with the event!


Thanks a billion Marinthe. I’ll check out those products. Fingers crossed the weather will be dry anyway.

Next post ride coffee at Hands is on me, when I eventually make it to club sessions.

All the best, and thanks again,