Want to join E20 Cycling Club?


Thanks so much!! May see you tomorrow but won’t know until I wake up :wink:


Hi guys!

I’ve just signed up and paid the membership fee.
I guess that’s a thing :smiley: :smiley_cat:
See you all very soon!

/cc @Lee @Henry @MdeBokx


Super Caroline et bienvenue!

@Lee could you add to closed group?


@SarahT and Ian, information above on joining the club.


@Lee @Henry I’ve (finally) paid. Cheers Tom


@Lee could you add @Rudrum and @scott-lambert to the closed group so they access the new kit thread? Cheers mate.


@Dilesh too @Lee


Oo could I be added to that as well please!


and @James1 Stewart please @lee!



Recently moved into Leyton and looking for a new local club to join, heard good things about E20CC from my friend Ed Cross (hey Ed!) so keen to join you on your next accessible ride, which by my calculations will be 9th Sept??

I’ve been riding a few years, member of clubs in South London and have done a fair bit of Criterium racing, and currently half way through Track accreditation at Lee Valley. Had a year off the bike though, so fitness is currently at around 10% :smiley:


Hi I’m new to cycling and would like to come along to one of your accessible rides. Do you have an accessible ride this Sunday? If so, what time and where will you be meeting? Thanks Jo


@JoannaH and @Alex_S Hi! We look forward to seeing you both out on a ride :smiley: Usually we post a ride thread for each month but due to some issues with Yonder we haven’t been able to reply or post anything, sorry! :open_mouth:

Our next accessible ride will be this Sunday the 9th, we meet up in front of the Sainsbury’s: Victory Park, 50 Celebration Avenue, East Village, E20 1DB.
And tend to head out to High Beach - the whole ride is usually around 40-50km :slight_smile:
We meet around 8:20 in the morning and the ride leader will go through the route, hand signals and names. It’s a very friendly ride with a no-drop policy, which means we will not leave anyone behind and go a pace everyone can sustain.

I won’t be there to lead/help lead but I hope you guys come and have a great ride! :smiley:


Hi there. I’m interested in joining your cycle club,I was just wondering when the next ‘accessible rides’ are? I can’t find September, but that may just be me! Also my bike isn’t anything sooperdooper- I will invest in a better bike when I’m certain cycling isn’t going to be one of my fads.

Hope to hear from you soon, I need the exercise.

Thanks in advance.



Hi Brian! Our next accessible ride is the 23rd September :slight_smile:

Sorry, the post is not up yet, we had been sidetracked when Yonder went down and haven’t properly picked back up since it got fixed!


Hi Henry,

my name is Anya and I recently found your cycling club online. I’d love to join you for the first accessible ride in October, I think it’s on the 13th? Is there a formal way of signing up?

Thank you,


Hi @An_Ya - great to hear! You’re most welcome to join the accessible ride on Sunday 14th October. Keep an eye out for the ride thread here https://yonder.e20.org/t/e20cc-october-2018-training-club-and-accessible-rides/5034?u=henry

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hey @Lee - i did the accessible ride a couple weeks ago and just go my membership! could you please add me to the members thread?

also, should i get the club kit/ any tips on what cycling gear (shorts/jerseys) i should get? i’ve been riding without cycling shorts and not keen on doing that anymore… thanks! :smile:


Hi, you’ve been added to the members group here https://yonder.e20.org/c/e20cc-members

I’m not up on the latest kit brands, I like simple stuff personally.

Anyone got any tips for kit?


Hi @Lee and others. I have just joined the E20CC, after having done 2 accessible rides. Looking forward to pedalling more soon!


Hello . I’d like to join your next accessible ride, are there any planned for Feb? Cheers!