Wall mounted TV


Hi everyone,

GLL resident here - has anybody mounted a TV on a wall in their flat? If so, what’s the protocol regarding permission, etc?

Thanks in advance!


You need to get permission from GLL to do anything more than small picture hooks, and at the end of the tenancy you will be responsible for putting the wall back into the original state. However, GLL are generally very permissive from my experience. They let me have holes drilled to run ethernet into the second bedroom in our flat and I know of a guy who wall mounted a smart light control unit. So mounting a TV sounds like a thing they would be fine with as well.

They can provide contractors to do this kind of work for you but they are expensive and the one that ran my cable didn’t actually have any particular knowledge of the flats and didn’t really bring the appropriate equipment for the job (no stud finder, no cable puller, etc.) though he did get it done. So I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that, especially if you’re confident doing it yourself. But if you want to avoid any arguments over whether it was done in a “suitable manner” or whatever legalese they use, that is an option.

Best way to get started is to just email them (the general contact address for your area of the village, ours is portlands@, I’m not sure what the others are) and ask. There was no additional paperworks or anything, they just confirmed by email that they gave permission as long as I otherwise stuck to the conditions of my contact.


Thank you for the comprehensive reply! This is super helpful.

Do you know, off the top of your head, how much the EV contractors are? Just curious, for the reasons you mentioned…

Thanks again - really appreciated.


The home automation system mentioned by @ToddYatesUK was me :wink:

And yes - they’re fairly helpful, but, as with anything, can be a bit disorganised. Their quoted rate is GBP 35.00 per 30 minutes, and they book in an hour for a TV mount. In my case, I had to chase them to actually pay for it (organising it was easy).

Regarding modifications, generally speaking, they’re okay with undoable things. I.e., you can replace the bulbs with Philips Hue ones (look for the pink/green flat when you walk home in the dark from the tube station ;-)) without that giving issues. Those bulbs are GU10s, and you can just pop them out by opening the enclosure. Make sure to keep the original ones safely in a box so you can put it back when you move out.