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I’ve got a walk called The Social and Industrial History of Hackney Wick coming up on the 9th April 2017. This has been on the brew for three years now, since I ran it’s prototype as part of my practical for a Tower Hamlets guiding course I was on.

This Sunday I’m running a guided walk called Vanished Without Trace - Mile End Tickets are £10, but you can get them for 1/2 price using the special promotional code of bowlocal.

Once I started researching I discovered that most of the fascinating history here is not to be seen on the streets at all. I’ll be bringing out over 100 old maps, documents and photos to bring the area to life. You might enjoy this 1822 map of Bow.

On the right is Bow Bridge and towards the lower left is where Mile End station would open eighty years later. The footpath at the top became the Roman Road. Just below that is Bearbinder Lane, where the highwaymen used to hang out. They get a mention on my Vanished Without Trace walk.


Thanks for posting @alaninbow — I’m afraid I can’t make your event this Sunday. Your reaserch sounds facinating. I had to make sense of this map you posted and compare with google mapping. It’s unsurprisingly inaccurate in terms of scale, it’s incredible how rural Bow appears during the early 1800’s.


Closest crop from Google (mapping)



@Lee Thanks for testing the old map out, it’s fascinating. Sometimes the maps show you something really significant, and at other times they selectively miss things off.


My new guided walk: “The Social & Industrial History of Hackney Wick” runs next Sunday 9th April at 11am.

It had a successful and enjoyable test run on Tuesday with friends and fellow guides, plus a contingent of the Bow Geezers who have been helping me. The walk took ever so slightly longer than it should, because we went in a bar half way round!

A huge panoply of industrial and social history took place at Hackney Wick. Back in 1811 the local silk mill upgraded from an unreliable waterwheel to having two steam engines driving 30,000 spindles. The petrol for the 1896 London to Brighton car run was made in the middle of my photo, and delivered in two gallon cans by horse and cart.

I’ve spent more than a year researching in archives and reading Victorian newspapers in the British Library. Join me this Sunday (9th April 2017) at 11am to discover the fascinating, and largely hidden, history of this vibrant area.

The discount code of Yonder gets you £2.00 off.


Hi @alaninbow, that sounds great! I’ll try to make (TBC) to the Hackney Wick walk, I am just trying to arrange things in my end as I have another commitment for Sunday.


My guided walk Vanished Without Trace - Mile End runs again on Sunday at 11am. You can get £2.50 off using the code yonder on any of my walks booked before 31st May 2017. More details here.


I’ve just sorted out how to post my Mile End walk as an Echo event, and it’s here: https://economyofhours.com/trading/#events/event/10183


I’ve got a guided walk running as part of the London Festival of architecture. Free places are available using the discount code of specialtix

The walk starts near the Aquatics Centre, which I’m sure you are familiar with, but soon heads out onto Hackney Wick to explore the sporting and charitable work carried out by Eton College 100 years ago. I’ll be bringing out lots of old photos and maps to show you.


Hi everyone, I joined Alan’s Walks yesterday and I highly recommend it. The next one is on the 25th June and you can book your spot here: http://londonfestivalofarchitecture.org/programme/?ev=736

Here, some of the photos I took during the last walking tour:

All photos by Frank Da Silva @frankdasilva © 2017


These are brilliant photos Frank - thank you so much.


@alaninbow, in case you should planning to offer these walks also in 2018, please let me know.


Thanks for asking, but I’ve stopped doing the walks.


my congrats to you, Frank Da Silva! those are indeed some amazing photos and you seem to have a real talent! keep it going like that!