Volunteers needed


Hello, playgroup leader Lisa here, as some of you may know I run the playgroup voluntary on my own and with the help of Trudi when she can do it. I am looking for volunteers who can help out when I am unable to. I don’t have storage at Timberlodge so I have to store my toys in the underground car park in East Village, all my toys are in a big green trolley in which I have to push over to Timberlodge and set out the room and pack up at the end then load the trolley and push back to the car park. It can be hard work on your own so that’s why I need help! I had to cancel last Monday’s playgroup as I had no one to cover for me. I don’t really want to cancel as I feel I’m letting all my parents and children down. If anybody would like to volunteer please let me know. I am looking for someone to help Trudi on Monday as I can’t make it and it’s unfair for Trudi to do it alone. If I can’t find anyone then next Monday’s (10th)playgroup will be cancelled.


Hi Lisa,
Thanks for all the organising you do for Playgroup at the Timber Lodge. The kids have a really good time there and it connects a lot of the parents in the area.
I’m sure any of the mums and dads that go to Playgroup would be happy to help you out on Mondays. It’s not time or willingness that is lacking but the problem is that they are usually by themselves with a baby/toddler in tow so it’s hard to do anything while pushing a buggy at the same time.
The only thing I can think of is if two mum/dads help you and one of them is actually looking after the children while the other one is helping you with the logistics of Playgroup.

Any other ideas out there?


Hi @lisa @EVPlaygroup — I can certainly push the green container over and pull it back for you, not a problem as I’m in the area. I could likely do that every Monday. PM me if you need me.


Hello everyone, if your a regular at playgroup you will know I run the group alone. I am looking for volunteer helpers to help me set out the toys in the morning, this would mean coming to Timberlodge at 9am to help set out the toys. I know people cant commit to helping every week so if we organise a rota parents can take turns to help out, so I have made a WhatsApp group to organise the volunteers. If you would like to be added to the WhatsApp group for volunteering please PM me your phone number.

I am also looking for volunteers to take over the group from me. This will mean someone will hold the key for the storage unit and collect the toys to take to Timberlodge, set out the toys and stay on the premises to the end of the session, pack away and take the trolley back to the storage unit. This can be done by a group of parents taking turns to look after each others children while going to and from the storage unit.