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Hello everyone,

I had some questions about our Vent Axia Sentinel kinetic ventilation systems (installed above the cooker hood) and wondered if anyone else had thought about these.

Overall I must say that I am very impressed with these units for maintaining air quality in the apartment.

I do have some questions about tuning and maintenance, and here they are:

  • Does anyone know any suppliers of air filters for these? So far I only found

which seems somewhat expensive (£26 for a pair). Perhaps ideally @TriathlonHomes and @GetLivingLondon could buy these filters in bulk and then resell them on to tenants at cost.

One of my filters was highly soiled beyond cleaning when I moved in.

  • Has anyone had their Vent Axia put through maintenance (the manufacturers recommend annually)? According to the tenants handbook, this is the landlords’ responsibility. If yes, was there any change in performance? If no, has anyone got any information about how often the maintenance will happen?

  • I’ve noticed that the humidity levels (around 36%) in my apartment are a bit lower than where I would want them to be (around 45%). Has anyone adjusted the settings of the Vent Axia in order to control the humidity levels? There is some kind of humidity sensor in there. Overall it seems like the Vent Axia does extract moisture from the air, but there might be some other reason for that.

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You landlord should be doing the maintenance at now charge (though it probably depends on your agreement.) GLL have said a service a year after moving in and not a year after the service date on the panel. The filters shouldn’t need replacing unless faulty as hoovering every now and then is meant to be all that us needed. Anything beyond that no idea, it just works!


Thanks for the info about the schedule. In my case there is dark residue on the left hand filter which can’t be hoovered. It looks like at some point there was burnt food in the kitchen or something else - I can’t be sure of the cause of that.

In case anyone is interested, here is the manufacturer’s user manual which describes among other things what is involved in the annual maintenance:


The user manual is super helpful, thanks for the link. I had been attempting to reduce the airflow by pressing the Boost mode button (which increased it to 73%), definitely not the intended effect I had in mind! The user manual definitely helped resolve that issue.

It doesn’t appear that we can have it on a low setting from the way it was set up, but you can adjust the ‘target temperature’. Mine was on 19 degrees. I’ve now upped this to 25 with the theory that if the system thinks I want a higher target temperature, it will decrease the cold air inflow from the outside… Not sure if that will improve the humidity in any way but thought it was worth a shot.


Jumping in this pretty late but in case anyone is ever interested, I found this new website that sell replacement MVHR filters at a very good rate


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