Underfloor heating


I come from a country where underfloor heating is very common. Whenever I visit homes of friends and family, I walk around in socks or barefooted, and find the floor pleasantly warm, while the room temperature is around 21 degrees.

This is not the case in our flat here: Our floor is essentially cold, and no matter whether we have the underfloor heating at 19 degrees or at 22 degrees, room temperature constantly stays at 20.5 degrees.

We’re not sure this is normal, and we might put it forward to EVRA if we’re not alone with this. So:

Do other people here experience similar issues? Has anybody’s underfloor heating ever been serviced, i.e. checked the water circulation, the manual air bleed valves, and the like?



Hi Falco
When I first questioned the heating, the main thing checked was the valves above the feed pipes in the cupboard. You can see that water is flowing and then feel the pipes warm up

I’ve also been checking floor temp. You can feel it warm up but I think it’s taking longer to heat the room than it should. I believe UFH with timber should have a floor temp of c27C but I’m not getting that high. It’s exacerbated by balcony door waiting to be fixed, but that being a problem doesn’t mean the heating doesn’t also have a problem!

End of defects visit on Friday which is why I want to be sure of what I am talking about


Thanks @jools, I’ll contact the defects team.

Btw I also have an issue with my balcony door which doesn’t close well. The defects team says there’s no issue but there’s clearly a draft and I can see that the door is slightly twisted…


Balcony door issue is one to share with @EVRA as they are trying to get a picture of repeated issues

In my experience, Triathlon were keen for the problem to be dropped but Defects took it more seriously and had joint visit with LendLease and visit by installers to verify what needed fixing. This only happened because Triathlon weren’t part of that process and wish it had happened a year ago


Hi guys!

Same problems here. When we moved there was a clear draft at the door as one of the metal parts of the door was missing. They came around last July and it seems that the draft was gone. This year I’ve been experiencing once again drafts. This time is coming under the door. I think there is a bit of wood cover missing on the floor. In terms of floor temperature there is a massive different between bedrooms + corridor and the living room. In the morning if you walk out of the bedroom the floor is warm, but you step inside the living room and you feel it a lot colder, despite the temperature display being always above 21. I’ve so many things to complaint about but no time at all to deal with them. The process is always complicated. It is not a single visit to the office, or a phone call, it is always a booking that will need confirmation and other 2 or 3 phone calls, so I’ve given up.


We have the same problem with our balcony door. Essentially the frame is bent and the door is not sealing properly.

Triathlon repairs have been to see it and decided that it needs replacing by knocking out part of the wall (!) and so it’ll make a lot of mess and make the flat very cold for a few days while they do the work. We’re finding out if they can defer it a little until the weather is warmer as we have a 4-year old who suffers from asthma and a 4-week old newborn, so a cold flat is not something we want at the moment.

It does seem that whoever installed the balcony doors did not understand what they were doing and used a lot of brute force.


We have balcony door issues. It is freezing in our living room and you can feel the breeze! But @TriathlonHomes not done anything and we been waiting for over a year!


Some people at @EVRA meeting tonight came up to me with similar issues

Please do send a synopsis to @Lisa who is collating issues

Send me a message if you want to chat through where I have got to after over a year of pushing…


Hello all, I have the same issue in the front room…the heat goes on eventually but it seems very random. And as for the balcony, I need to keep the curtains shut otherwise it is way too chilly in the front room. I will also speak to Lisa and think we should all continue to report these issues to Triathalon.


So I am having a nightmare dealing with Triathlon Repairs… They did a compulsory check of the flat in March - before their two year warranty ran out and they decided my kitchen tap was faulty (there had been no issues with it previously but they seemed to spot something).
I had to go through the ordeal of booking a time for the plumber to come round - taking time off work which was not ideal as I am teacher and cannot just 'work from home as was suggested.
I came home recently to a flooded kitchen and leaking tap. It was Friday at 4.30 so they couldn’t send me a plumber but told me an emergency engineer would be around that evening.
No engineer turned up - a plumber showed me how to switch off the flow to the cold tap via FaceTime.
I have had no cold water for a week and when I could take the afternoon off on Friday to let a plumber in… He never showed up. Triathlon tried calling but the phone was off. Triathlon told me there was nothing they could do until Monday. When I asked to speak to a manager… They had also gone home. The girl said ‘Tony’ the out of hours supervisor would call me. ‘Tony’ hasn’t called yet. That was yesterday.
Has @EVRA got any contacts or suggestions for me? I cannot take more time off school and I cannot have no cold water for much longer as I can’t regulate the hot tap.


@NMC sorry to hear of your problems. Have you contacted your Property Manager? sorry this all I can suggest at this point, maybe @TriathlonHomes could help?


Worth noting that @TriathlonHomes did mention to me that one could make a formal complaint about specific members of staff if it’s someone in particular who has let you down


Hi @NMC,

We’re sorry to hear you’re having issues. Complaints can be made via email on complaints@triathlonhomes.com or by calling 020 8522 2012. If you would prefer to private message us here, please send us your full name, address and contact details and we can look into this for you.

Triathlon Homes


Three years after I started this threat, nothing has changed: I’ve been having the heating on 26 degrees manual 24/7 but the flat temperature does not go up above 20 degrees. Cold! Something is definitely wrong. We have double glazing and underfloor heating but the temperature doesn’t go up. The bill surely does, though.

This worker told me the other day: “Maybe they accidentally insulated the floor?” Could be…