Triathlon's leaf blowing machines


The leaf blowing machines (I don’t know their actual name) are used quite a lot in our East Village community garden. They blow leaves around. They are very loud. This morning at 8.40am two were used in one garden which seemed a bit much as they created double the noise! If I remember correctly Triathlon tells us not to use washing machines after 10pm or before 10am for respect for our neighbours, so it seems a bit odd that the leaf blowing machines (much noisier) are used before 9am. Some of us work night shifts and don’t want to be woken so early :sleeping: :exploding_head:
So Triathlon if you read this my gentle suggestion is that blowing leaves around the garden could wait until ideally the afternoon or at least much later in the morning. Or failing that, a rake might be just as effective and is nice and quiet.