Toilet Seat


Hi everyone I need to replace a toilet seat which cracked. Does anyone have any recommendations on which to buy? The fitting does no look to be standard (as it’s not possible to access underneath the holes for the fixings). Thanks!


Hi Matthew
On another group people said you can flip off the covers over the fixings and remove easily, though not sure if you also need to have the cabinet cover (where cistern is) off as well

GLL/Triathlon seem to specify quite an expensive one but people have bought cheaper from b&q


Thanks Jools!

Triathlon gave me a link for the replacement “Ideal Standard E7918” seat which is £97.16, although it is for sale at another supplier from £57.54 (£64.54 inc delivery)

Will see if I can find something at B&Q with a similar spec too.


We’ve lived in our flat 4 years and our toilet seat lid (strangely only in one bathroom, not the other) has cracked, in the exact same place, 3 TIMES. One time it snapped in half in my hand with no warning and frightened the life out of me. :sweat_smile:

Twice GLL replaced it for us, but by the third one we gave up, bought our own from Amazon and fitted it ourselves. It was straightforward but the shape isn’t quite right for the toilet so it doesn’t look as nice.

Anyway, one of GLL’s maintanence guys said he’s replaced an unusual amount of broken toilet seats around EV. I’m guessing the toilet’s fixtures are somehow to blame, as our Amazon replacement has now also begun to crack, on the same side as the previous 3!!! :scream::joy: It’s getting rediculous…


Thanks Pebble. A crack (in one of the two bathrooms’ seats) is the same issue I’m having too!


Ours went three times too. Each time in the same bathroom and not the other. I replaced it once with a spare from Plumb Station, GLL replaced it the second time, and the third time I just left it. Didn’t get hit for it when we moved out.

You can pick up replacements of the actual seat cheaper than GLL. I bought a replacement (of the proper seat) the third time from a spares company on eBay but never got round to replacing it before we moved out so I still have it. Our new place has the same seats though.

I did a bit of reading on the web about these seats. Apparently it’s a very very common fault (splitting from the hinge). Why this affected one toilet and not the other I have no idea!


How funny that you had the same us @MelM, one bathroom but not the other!! Very odd.

Does seem it’s a common fault with these seats — but i’m confused as to why the one we bought from Amazon (completely different brand) has cracked too, on the same side? Makes me wonder if it’s the positioning of the fixtures on the toilet… i.e they’re very slightly too far apart or something. Who knows!


Hi Pebble that’s a good point re the positioning of the fixtures on the toilet. There are youtube videos on how to fit the ‘top fixing’ fixtures on to the toilet - so might try and adjust mine.

Also just to let you know I realised the Ideal Standard replacement seat says it has a 5 year warranty - so I contacted them and they agreed to send me a warranty replacement - with proof of purchase of the flat. I guess yours would be covered anyway by GLL? But good for other Triathlon shared owners/leaseholders to know about.