Tina We Salute You - here and fierce!


Hi, no the quiz is in 2 weeks. The date had to be changed as I had double booked myself. Will give you time to get researching food, music, fashion and other hipster stuff


Great to see so many E20 Young Professionals meeting, drinking and chatting at Tina E20 tonight. Couldn’t get a good pic without looking like an oddball, so here’s a nice lamp!


Cocktails at Tina We Salute You E20. @tinawesaluteyoue20 #tinawesaluteyoue20


Thoroughly enjoyed masterchef semi finalist Michael Sanders’ Korean food at #E20tina. There for the next couple of weeks, go!


Photos please! @tinawesaluteyou — looking forward to this!!


Hi @tinawesaluteyou, do you have a food menu we can take a look at? and what hours do you serve food? I’ve heard really good things, but haven’t chance to check it out yet!


Tina We Salute You opening hours are

Mon-Thurs 10am - 11.30pm
Fri -Sat 10am - midnight
Sun 10am - 6pm

Menu is attached

A5 menu pdf.pdf (70.4 KB)


Hi Nik,

Here’s a pic of our day menu. Evening food changes all the time and can depend on the event or the current pop-up we have in the kitchen.

Obviously it’s always delicious!!



Perfect, thank you @EVRA and @tinawesaluteyou. I’ll be checking it out very soon!




Looking good @NiK


Just to say that the berry & cream muffins were truly spectacular today.