Things are getting weird in Egremont House


(and no, it’s never worked :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile: )


It’s changed today! What on earth?! :joy: Is this happening in anyone else’s building?


Not happening in Napa close for sure. The screen had upside down text for some time, until they figured it’s displaying the wrong way, and it’s been black since! At least you all have something funny to read. Better than a black screen I would say. Waste of money. Are the residents paying for the screens too?


Our one in Asterid Heights has also never worked properly, but in a less amusing way. It mainly shows a blank screen until someone restarts it, then it gets stuck on an ad for the East Village Market, from July.
I guess someone’s found a USB port somewhere…


That’s my guess too. It’s not GLL, that’s for sure :smile:

I don’t recall there ever having been anything of interest/use shown on the screen since they were installed.
It could be updated regularly to display local events, news, photographs, info for residents, new retailers… anything except for the Windows lock screen (sideways!) that it’s been left on for most of the year! Absolute waste of money.


Brilliant - thanks for sharing :pray:


Ours works most of the time and does advertise upcoming events. But it’s randomly broken about a third of the time. I’m guessing they have to go round and update them all manually. Not a very well thought out project I’d say.


Ours broke within a week of it being installed, and they never fixed it. For a while it was stuck on an error message of the application, then it was stuck on the Windows login panel. Eventually it got stuck in a boot loop.

I’ve taken a quick look at how they built it as well, and it is an utter waste of the money we pay to service our flats and communal areas. The build and operating cost of those displays is significant, and expensive and unreliable setups/parts have been used. They could have done this a lot cheaper, and it would have actually worked if they did it like that.

Straight from the beginning it just came across as an amateur’s job. When walking around the park during the evenings, a significant number of buildings have screens which don’t do what they’re supposed to do. IMHO they could have better spent the money on things they should fix, like our front door being constantly out of service, or maybe do a check up on all our mains valves so they don’t burst open anymore and destroy people’s flats and property when they eventually cause a massive leak.



I think those screens were actually paid for by GL(L) rather than EVML. That’s the impression I got from the emails at the time at least.