The International Quarter (TIQ), Stratford


All information taken from: (correct as of 7th December 2014)

The International Quarter is London’s most exciting new business address, at the heart of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford.


The International Quarter will be an inspiring new business environment, with four million square feet of flexible workspace, 330 new homes, a major 4 star design hotel, and a range of shops, cafes and childcare and community facilities.

The International Quarter North site offers:

  • 1 million sq ft of flexible workspace
  • option of low rise campus style or high rise building (up to 25 storeys)
  • a brand new 4 star hotel
  • 20,000 sq ft of shops, bars and restaurants
  • direct access to Stratford International and DLR stations
  • access to Mirabelle Gardens, East Village.

The International Quarter South offers:

  • 3 million sq ft of flexible workspace
  • option of low rise campus style or high rise building (up to 20 storeys)
  • spectacular views overlooking the Aquatics Centre, Culture and Education Quarter, the Stadium and beyond to the City skyline
  • 330 new homes
  • 32,000 sq ft of shops, bars and restaurants
  • childcare facilities
  • open spaces at Carpenters Square, International Square and Balcony Park
  • beautiful public spaces at Carpenters Square, International Square and Balcony Park


Neighbourhood Beer Shop + Food

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There aren’t even any plans in for that place yet and like the rest of TIQ north they won’t be started for a while, finish year is at least 2018 even for Manhattan Loft Gardens who had approved plans pre Olympics. Building the hotel will be louder than anyone ever in it and yes we still love those angle grinders (people in Vesta know what I mean!)


TIQ North is far off and would probably go after the south sections but I understood that the hotel site was
the one exception to that (other than Manhattan Loft Gardens and would be in a similar timeframe).

I had seen plans for what they had envisioned, but they well have changed as I know they would still need
further sign off.

In the E-Newsletter that went out it would seem some of the plans we may see soon:

GL Hearn, the property consultants working on plans for a new development on the corner of Celebration Avenue and Penny Brookes street will shortly be in touch to share their proposals for the site and get your feedback on them. Please keep an eye on your post box for moreinformation soon.


@Tony are there any plans in the public domain yet or anything submitted to LLDC planning as far as you know - I haven’t found anything. The renders for the hotel I have seen have never been the same twice but they were only attached to news pieces which included a complete complete overhaul from first ‘owners’ to second ‘owners’. Until plans are signed off I take timelines with a pinch of salt based on history!!


Before I ever thought I would end up here I did see some plans but I can’t find them now which is a shame…

I am also sure remembering reading in the application for the bigger buildings where sainsburys and neighbourhood are planned that the site next door was the hotel with some sort of planning permission agreed.

While timlines are also tricky things It does sound that the hotel is being looked at quite seriously so may be sooner rather than later…


The hotel is TIQ and nothing to do with N16. N17 and N20 are in theory hotels or part hotel. The TIQ website says what the basics are for each of their plots, timeline is 2018 for most of south I believe. There are no visible submitted plans with LLDC on TIQ north at all yet and only in part on TIQ south eg Glasshouse Gardens. Yes the basic planning permission has already given just like for the rest of Stratford City and all of this was in 2007 ish. Specifics are still pending. I can tell who the hotel groups are but I’ll have to find the stuff again.


From the [URL=“”]Roger Stirk Harbours[/URL] site.


TIQ 23.02.19


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Drop in evening next Wednesday 15th showing the plans for the North part of International Quarter (between EV and Westfield).


A couple of images from the proposed plans for building N22 (N20 and N21 don’t have detailed plans yet, and N23 is replaced by a larger N22 and an area of park at the East end of the site).

Site Layout:

3D view:


Looking through the documents found this image. Any more from the open evening last week?