Teds farm shop - Grown with love and fuelled by passion. Discover in E20


Hello Yonder,
My name is Sophie and I am the manger at our brand new store here on West Park EXCITING I know!

Here at Ted’s Veg, farming is in our blood. We’ve been farming now for at least four generations and we look forward to farming for generations to come.
Our farm is in Boston, Lincolnshire and although we now sell our produce at many London Farmer’s Markets and London locations to our end consumers, this hasn’t always been the case!
We started off our farming roots supplying to wholesale markets up and down the country but as years went by we expanded, relocated and evolved to what we are today.

One thing has always remained though; our produce has always been…
Grown with love and fuelled by passion.

Ted’s Veg is committed to providing our customers with the freshest, home grown harvested produce, as well as sourcing the best exotic produce from around the world.
An ever-changing range of seasonal homegrown vegetables and salad from Ted Dawson’s farm near Boston in Lincolnshire, is picked everyday for its freshness therefore giving it the taste, our customers deserve.

Please be warned, our crops are grown CHEMICAL FREE, so you may find the odd bug, slug or caterpillar in your Ted’s goodies!

Ted’s Veg are proud participants in Planzhero’s plight to eradicate wastage. Through our membership with this amazing organisation, we provide many local charities with hundreds of kilos of edible but non-sellable fruit and veg every week!

We are starting TEDS SUPER CLUB this will be starting on 6th June (not long to wait). This is where our very own Chef Marie will be doing a cooking demo in front of you as you get to sit back learn how to cook different dishes and enjoy a four course meal.
We will be posting it on the east village residence page also on our twitter @Tedsveg1 and instagram @Tedsveg So keep a close eye out as there will only be 10 places.

We look forward to welcoming you all into our shop


A great haul of chemical free, and zero waste fruit and veg from Ted’s Veg today. Impressed with how much is from the UK or Europe. We will certainly be making Ted’s Veg part of our shopping route!


Stunning photo of your veg haul @Justine261!

The super club looks great, I’ve just seen your pictures on Instagram.

Do you still have tickets available?


Do you have any evidence of that? I’d be curious to know.