Team Security: E20 Police (Gosh Yeah!)


Ok so I’m interested to find out what the security team in East Village actually do. So far they have managed to sort out the volume on the big screen ( not a security issue but hey at least somebody did something ) Apart from that I have drawn blanks on some anti social behaviour including not knowing if they could prevent teens racing up and down Victory parade on bikes and endangering the toddlers playing there.
Does anybody know what they can do or actually do?
Does anybody know who pays for them ?


I believe they are employed by EVML so would be effectively jointly funded by GLL and Triathlon (and is there another social housing provider, not sure) which are funded by our rent. One way or another ultimately we pay for them since money does not appear from nowhere.

They have been helpful in telling my neighbours to turn their music off at unreasonable hours of the night. They can report contract-breaching behaviour to GLL/Triathlon (I know that I got someone an official warning from GLL for repeated music after midnight) and they can call the police, NEST, etc. as needed. Obviously they are not police officers so their powers directly are limited in terms of making people do things, but they have nice uniforms which is usually enough to get people to listen to them.