Supermarket Trolleys Around E20


Thanks @frankdasilva, happy to be here! :smiley:


Victory Park. Scenic.


But is it art?


Well, this is getting bigger and bigger!! Trolley Talks? Good work guys! Now we just need to find a way of keeping them away from East Village.


Great, @TrolleyTalks
Keep this cool project going!


Classy shot Al — this could be in a gallery exhibit.

In addition, whats the benefit of taking the trolley to there? Did they leave it there and carry shopping home or did they get bored taking it back afterwards…


“They didn’t allow me in”


“Lets play hide-and-seek”


To improve security, please lock your trolley through both the frame and the wheels…


"They left me out in the cold".


I’m sure I read a sign the other day saying that Waitrose will soon be introducing those £1 locks on their trolleys…


High time, @Pebble


From "On Your Doorstep" via @GetLivingLondon :slight_smile:
You can now report 'Trolley Theft" to the security team.


Will it mean the end of an era?


Together with this, maybe…



Saw this, thought of this group’s struggles.


“Billy no m8s”


Me and my big brother


I’ve found this interesting article exploring why people don’t return their shopping carts.
It focuses on stray shopping carts littering the parking lots of supermarkets but some of the reasons presented are still relevant for the trolley problem in our neighbourhood.

“The data above suggests that as a situation broaches on deviance, more people will trend toward disorder; once we have permission to pursue an alternative action, we will do so if it suits us. Not returning our shopping carts opens the door to throwing leaflets on the ground to parking haphazardly or in reserved spaces to other items that impact the quality of our experience”