Supermarket Trolleys Around E20


Lol this one is surreal!!



When I was going to work today I saw the trolley but I was late so did not stop! Well done @jb_diogo. Great sun coming on the background


Threesome by the train station :open_mouth:




“Lost in Time”


Hi @modboy
Did your photo upload properly or is it my phone? Can’t see it!


Thanks for letting me know @jools. It doesn’t appear to have uploaded properly. The moment has gone now so I’ll leave it.


I really want to see the photo now!


HA! I seem to have deleted the photo. Sorry to disappoint. I’ll head out this afternoon on a trolley hunt.


“Near and far wherever you are”… Sainsburys cart from other side of town


Spotted next to Gorilla




“No Parking”


“I bet you can’t see me.”


See what?


Prospective buyer?


Hi everybody!

We are a group of five students from Central Saint Martins studying a Masters degree in Narrative Environments and we are currently working on a project that involves routes in East Village.
A few weeks ago we did some fun research in your neighborhood, inspired by this hilarious thread.
We wanted to use a playful message that related directly to the community in order to inform our final design proposal. Since our focus is navigation, our aim is to involve the community in understanding the way they orient themselves within their own space. We also think this project has the potential to stretch people’s perception of the relationship with their neighborhood. You can tangibly feel the energy within East Village and we would love to release that vibrancy into a concrete experience.

If you’re interested in this and would like to know more, you can follow us on FB or IG and see what we’ve been up to. You can also see a video we did about Trolley Talks, a day in East Village research.
We are also going to start our own thread where we will be asking some questions about the subject and it would be absolutely amazing if you could help us out.

Best wishes,
Trolley Talks



Awesome work @TrolleyTalks and welcome to Yonder! :smiley: