Supermarket Trolleys Around E20


Vesta by night - “I was left in the rain!”


it might be art…


Good afternoon,

If you see any trolleys around the East village you can contact the supermarket directly and they are more than happy to come and collect them.

I have listed below the contact details for the nearest supermarkets.

The Arcade
Westfield Stratford City
E20 1EH
020 8534 3986

Leyton Mills, Marshall Rd,
Greater London E10 5NH
020 8988 8300

15 The Grove,
London E15 1EN
020 8555 0518


Marks & Spencer shoppers have raised their game


That’s made it a long way from the nest!


Ok, my phone’s camera zoom is crap - but I hope you can see what this is…


Some new picture from my collection…


New outdoors car park in Scarlet Close


@Falco this is not to compete with yours, but seemed pretty obvious to me. Any guess?




Thank you so much Sir. It is very unfair!!!


28/02/2016 - 20 trolleys ready for collection;


One of my favorites, a show stopper - " I’m dying to live here"


W-O-W !!! Amazing. Well spotted!
A cradle???


“Left in the wild”


I’m getting a bit fed up with seeing these Waitrose trolleys all over the East Village. Maybe it’s time Waitrose decided to put a coin lock mechanism on them like Marks and Spencer. But Frank does bring out a certain aesthetic appeal!


Lild have this electronic widget that locks one wheel as soon as one is more than 100m or so away from the shop. Must be worth the investment, if Lidl does it.


It’s so warm even the poor trolleys need a dip


Someone had been gathering this little gang up this morning.

(As I walked off a guy in a high-rise jacket started pushing them away so I assume he was EV maintenance/cleaner.)


Trolley Wars!

Sainsbury’s appear to have kidnapped two Waitrose trolleys and are using them for restocking!