Supermarket Trolleys Around E20


I am hidden inside Vesta

I am all over the floor

I don’t want to go inside the bin



Nice! It’s getting better. More tidy. Now there are several Trolley Points in East Village, lol.


Checking its mail


I am lost


Job hunting


Inside!! Ridiculous :joy:


The sun brings them all out…


Been running up that road, been running up that hill…


It wasn’t like that when I went in there that morning and wasn’t there when I went back in the following morning. Generally Vesta people don’t do idiot thankfully.


Lovely sunset stroll on Scarlet Close


I must walk round with my eyes shut. I’ve seen two outside Vesta’s front door in a year and no where else! They weren’t there for long either.


Trolley watch 2015, let’s not let the minority spoil it for the majority.


I just carry stuff in bags, how weird is that ?!!!


Maybe the better gym can set up a bag carrying exercise regime to help the trolley pushers build up the muscle To be able to carry there shopping 40 yards in there bags. Trolley watch 2015.


Groggy on Sunday morning


I’ve said it before-these trolleys have a better social life than I do…


If any of you are on Instagram please tag your fab trolley shot #MYPLACEYOURPLACEE20 as we will be selecting some to show in our East Village Photography exbibition - thanks!


It’s the first time I see one in/around Festive Mansions.
A result of the 5p policy? I hope not…


Lol that is fun!!