Supermarket Trolleys Around E20


The trolley is loving it! What a view!


On other day…


If the trolleys are in the refuse room, either EVM / residents have to let them in. Meaning someone have to wait, make prior arrangement when this collection going to happen. Or the staff just have to wait…

I bumped into one of Waitrose staff taking the trolleys back. He doesn’t look very happy. Poor man :disappointed:


Waiting for the night bus


Last one was M&S. Now Pets not allowed…


I suggest, lets make people aware and lets make EV a Trolley Free Zone… if we don’t stop now, soon it will be rubbish, mattresses, etc… you name it… sometime ago I saw a broken drawer on the pavement. I am sure @EastVillageCEO @GetLivingLondon @TriathlonHomes @E20_ORG do not want to see our beautiful village trashed!


Agreed! GetTrollied, the new Pickup Artists?


Not allowed unless if you are moving in…(not mine). Waiting for the lift. This is the last one. I do have similar ones in similar places, though.


Great stuff and thanks for documenting this @joaofonseca70 - the war on trolleys is now officially declared!


Pleasure. I do think that something needs to be done. I tried with the lady on the customer service but I think it needs to go to a higher level.


I have witnessed somebody transferring about 5 bags of compost on to their roof garden with a Waitrose trolley. Dread to think the damage it did to the wood floor! Seems waitrose need to adopt a mechanism which locks the wheels when passing a certain point. Anybody who has been to the Asda in Leyton will be familiar with the sea of trolleys on the entrance to the car park!


Yes!!! One other thing that really really makes me crazy. 3 meters behind they have a proper place to put the trolley but these lazy people leave them in the middle of the street. Once again this is all about culture and respect. We have to avoid wrong messages to pass to other people, in special to the kids around East Village


Yikes, I didn’t realise it was that bad… I did see someone pushing one up the road the other day, but I had hoped it was a one off! (My building isn’t too populated just yet.)

I don’t really see it as the supermarkets responsibility though, people should know better… sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case! Perhaps signs in the refuse areas stating that trolleys should not be left there or in public East Village areas? (Those shouldn’t be needed either to be honest, but alas.)

I do worry about it leading to more stuff being left out and about where it shouldn’t however… it would be hard to tell someone they shouldn’t have rubbish on their balcony when the person next to them has a trolly on theirs. :-/


This is the best thread - in the name of dark humour. I’ve been emailing pics to triathlon complaints for months now, including a video of a group of teens having a ‘trolly-good time’ whizzing around in them a coue of weekends ago. @joaofonseca70 has just started a Caption Competition :grinning: Tweet them with @waitrose tags and see what happens… Not that my Twitter campaign against @sainsburys anti-social delivery times worked for me. Waitrose may be more inclined to respond :smirk:


Maybe we should try for something more artistic, like this in Bow:
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International Way near the DLR entrance.


Banksy’s art


Great pictures. Since the last time I posted I did not have the pleasure to meet another trolley in East Village, but I still see a couple of them close to Stratford International. Hopefully is calming down…


Planning the #GreatEscape


There’s a few out and about in the Saturday sunshine today :confused: