Supermarket Trolleys Around E20


Supermarket Trolleys around EV are getting insane now. The other day I saw two outside Vesta House and another two by the Getting Living London’s office.

Check below — I can count 5 trolleys there:


Good afternoon,

I contacted Waitrose, who are now on there way to collect the trolleys.

Any trolleys found around the village just contact the supermarket directly and they are more than happy to come and collect them.

I have listed below the contact details for the nearest supermarkets.

The Arcade
Westfield Stratford City
E20 1EH
020 8534 3986

Leyton Mills, Marshall Rd,
Greater London E10 5NH
020 8988 8300

15 The Grove,
London E15 1EN
020 8555 0518


Thank you @EastVillageCEO


Thank you @EastVillageCEO


You are welcome.


One of this days I was planning to create a Waitrose photography contest for East Village. Thank you Frank for raising the issue. Please see some of the pictures taken since July last year. I spoke with the customer service at Waitrose and they told me that they can’t do anything…

This picture is in our refuse room yesterday.


Thank @joaofonseca70 - wow! This is insane!!


Another day… I think we have more than in Waitrose


6:30 am before going to work… recently. I’m not a professional photographer as you, lol.


hey @joaofonseca70 — Sorry I’m confused, where is this room?


WOW! Waitrose trolley is waiting for the 308 to go to work…


Some people have them on their balconies. Maybe they are upcycling them into furniture…


This room is at the basement of the building where the bins are.


Which building roughly? you mean East Village or somewhere else in Stratford? @joaofonseca70

@Lizzie — why am I surprised.


Titian Heights N01 I think


I think the guards are very good in collecting them and returning, but the money for that comes from all of us


this thread has really kept me in great spirits tonight! :relaxed:

Poor Waitrose kid in the rain!


“Trolleys of East Village”. @joaofonseca70, you’ll be competing with Mattresses of Walthamstow before you know it… :wink:


Waitrose trolley in a night visit to the Portland’s


One word for you @Oat44 - ‘Bathtub’