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Here’s an inspiring example of how non-governmental organizations can get things done in a city. Instead of waiting years for the city to update a derelict neighborhood. In 2012 IKEA purchased over 1.1 million square feet of land (26 acres) in East London, with the intention to not only develop the area, but also to create a new and improved neighborhood.

The project is Strand East

Situated in a location close to High Street, Stratford and Three Mills Island, Strand East will feature a variety of new homes and workspaces.

Forming a triangle south of High Street, Stratford, with the River Lee Navigation to the west and the Three Mills Wall River to the east, Strand East will be a landmark development built in an area known for an industrial heritage stretching back centuries.

This 26 acre development will feature 1,200 new homes, 58,000 square metres of workspaces, and a 350 room designer hotel. Designed sensitively against the backdrop of 17th century Three Mills Island, it will combine high quality apartments and family-friendly mews-style townhouses with office spaces built for a range of businesses, including digital and creatives.

Developer Landprop Holding also plans to create a riverside park with access to the water, urban spaces for cafes and outdoor entertainment, a network of cycle paths, and offer a range of retail and community uses. Strand East Tower – a 40m timber lattice sculpture on the High Street, the focal point of the refurbished Print House (Formally Dane’s Yard) – is an early symbol of the changes to come.

The plan for Strand East is to completely transform the neglected area into a vibrant community made to live, work and play. It’s an ambitious project created with the users in mind. This goes way beyond building and selling real estate.

This is what the area looked like before they got their hands on it.

Our 1,200 new homes will include well-designed apartments and mews-style townhouses – reflecting the way we live now. Around 40% of them come with three bedrooms or more – making them perfect for families. We’re also making sure there’s plenty of underground parking to make life easy and the nearby streets free of cars giving kids a place to cycle, skate or saunter – safely . And we even plan to re-route local buses through Strand East – so you can easily hop on and off to or from Stratford, Bromley by Bow and further beyond.

We’re transforming 58,000m2 into offices and workspaces – with a large proportion designed around the needs of creative and digital businesses. What’s more, if clients visit from abroad they can conveniently stay locally, at the 350-room designer hotel. We’re also working with our contractors to ensure they make jobs available to local people, where possible. We put our money where our mouth is too, and located our UK Head Office on site – in the Print House, a Victorian warehouse used in the past by printing ink manufacturers and others, overlooking Dane’s Yard and Strand East Tower.

And because we really want Strand East to have that buzz and sense of community, we’re creating public places – in the old industrial yards and overlooking the Three Mills Heritage – for people to gather. Imagine the possibilities – music, markets and more. We’re adding cycle paths, shopping and entertainment areas, a riverside park and restaurants. And providing access to the water – there’s lots of it – for fishing, boats and who knows, maybe swimming one day.

Strand East is a project being developed by LandProp Holding B.V., a part of the Inter IKEA Group. For more information please go to

Strand East, The Print House, 135 High Street, Stratford, London E15 2RB
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Strand East
Location: Stratford, London
Client: Vastint
Date: 2014 – ongoing
Value: N/A
Awards: Housing Design Awards - Shortlist 2016

Strand East is ambitious new 26-acre neighbourhood in Stratford, East London. It comprises 1,200 homes and 58,000sq.m of business space. We are designing a number of the buildings in the scheme. The first building will have 103 dwellings made up of over 40% family housing.

Our design uses resources in an efficient way by being cost conscious and seeking effective solutions. The layout is driven by a sense of purpose and planned to be generous both in terms of dwelling dimensions, lobby spaces and public realm.

The building is a perimeter block of generously proportioned lateral apartments with a pair of flats to each landing. Flats are dual aspect with a minimum 2.7m floor-to-ceiling height. A mews of houses sits within the depth of the block.

The scheme is designed to an efficient structural grid and uses modern methods of construction in the form of texturally rich and precision-engineered precast concrete wall panels.

Project Update - Strand East gains planning approval
Our housing scheme in Stratford, London has been granted planning approval by the LLDC. Block R6 comprises 103 homes and is the first to be approved as part of wider regeneration project for client Vastint. The architecture is intended to build on the industrial character of the area and enhance its unique peninsula setting. We have already started work on another phase, which we will be submitting for planning in summer 2016.

December 2015


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