Someone tried to force open the door to the "secure" bike storage


Someone tried to force open the door to the “secure” Festive Mansions bike storage. I reported this to security on 21st July. Not repaired yet. I hope @TriathlonHomes or @GetLivingLondon will soon do something about it.

And to be quite honest, I think people are having enough of the “secure” bike storage: I see more and more people with a bike in the lift. On a daily basis, I would say.


Essentially the bike storage isn’t safe because it uses a type of lock up system made obsolete in the 1960’s. The steel loops you see nowadays in the streets allow you to secure both frame and wheels to the post. However in the secure bike areas in these apartments you have the old system where you put your front wheel in . Bike thieves love these because they just leave you with the front wheel and walk away with your bike. You can invest in a long metal rope and pass it through your bike frame and wheels and secure it with a d lock. Any half decent bike thief will get through that with a pair of blunt nail scissors.
It’s a poor half baked design. All you need is somebody who lives in your block with a fob and an anti social attitude. It costs real money to buy a bike these days so most people put them up on their balconys by the looks of things


Keep us updated on how long it takes anybody to fix the door. I’m yet to find out what the security team around here do . They constantly say ‘we can’t do anything about that’. This sounds like a job for your relationship manager perhaps …so good luck with that lol


Might be worth noting that @PaveVelo do security skewers that stop people easily removing wheels: you need to turn the bike upside down to undo them so should work for the bike cages

Any progress with repairs to the door?