Sky+ Satellite Issues - East Village


Hi all -

I am a new resident at Titian Heights and wondered if anyone had been experiencing issues with Sky+? The box was working fine until yesterday evening - at which point it stopped working entirely.

Would appreciate if anyone who has had any similar problems could let me know.


Sky - no signal

Wind makes a difference sometimes. Unplug everything and start again, it might work. If not you’ll need to ask you landlord to look at the cabling, it could be that.


Hi @kpsawh - welcome to East Village!
You don’t say if you are new to Sky completely? (if not, ignore my comments!)
My Sky box occasionally freezes - usually when they are updating and it does often need switching off for a couple of minutes to reboot. If you still have problems, ring Sky so they can check remotely what the issue might be - but you do have to be there when you ring them.
Good luck


Welcome to our New Village!! We have communal system in East Village looked after by EVML.I would recommend you report it to your landlord TH / GLL in the 1st instance.


Yes, report it. Issues tend to happen quite regularly, especially after a storm. However, most issues need to be repaired by external contractors (instead of the normal repairs team), so it can be a bit of a PITA to get issues resolved if it’s not immediately clear.


Anyone else having Sky TV problems lately? Thanks