Sky Q


Thanks for sharing the update.

I still get “Sky Q isn’t available in your building just yet” when checking online. Have emailed GLL for an update and will phone Sky some time and have them check it again as well. I’m in N02 so may just be that our building hasn’t been completed yet. Will update here with any progress/news.


Double post because I already got a reply from GLL:

They have currently been working on the NO1 plots, the N02 plots are next in line for the works to be completed over the next month or so, we will send out correspondence to all residents in your plot once we have confirmation this work is beginning.

Once this work is complete, Get Living London residents interested in upgrading or changing their service can then contact Sky directly to discuss activating Sky Q for their home.


Any news on when block No.3 No.4 etc will be “Sky Q ready”?


N02 doesn’t even have it yet so don’t get your hopes up for anything soon.


I had an email from Sky today actually saying my block is now ready and I can choose a package.

When I log in to Sky though, there are no Sky Q upgrade options. We’re getting there, though, I guess…


Which block are you in?


Emperor House. Just speaking to Sky’s chat and they think I can go ahead and upgrade now.


Emperor House is block No3 right?


Yes, Plot No3. Sky have confirmed an appointment to install the new box in the middle of next month, so I guess it’s all up and running. We’ll see.


Interesting. I’ll call Sky and see if N02 is actually working and nobody bothered to tell us.


Our property is now SkyQ ready, but in the meanwhile, we have just given up and put a dish on our balcony and took out a contract with a different service provider. Now that the market on TV services is liberated in Europe, it proves to shop around - going just across the channel cuts your bill in half, and all services have both the local and the OST (original/english) sound track nowadays. You might have to deal with ads in e.g. Dutch or German, but due to more strict advertising regulations they’re at least not as obnoxious as the UK ones.

For comparison, “basic” TV Vlaanderen service, which includes e.g. the MTV groups, Discovery/NGC groups, Fox and one adult channel (pretty much the equivalent of the Entertainment bundle) puts you out of pocket for €14.90, which is roughly £13.5.

If you’d look at e.g. German Sky, which has pretty much direct overlap with the UK services, sells you their package for €12.5 or €25 (depends on if you qualify for their new customer offer), which is £22 £11 a month.

Canal+ France’s “basic” package costs you €19 per month, which is roughly £17.

Now, the fun bit is, due to EU regulation, providers need to allow you to use your own receiver. As a consequence, switching providers is really easy nowadays if your dish is aligned to Astra 19.2 - if your introductory offer expires, you just go to a different provider, and the only thing which happens is that they sent you a new viewing card from the new provider, very much like you’d change banks and get issued a new debit card. New customer offers are usually available again after not being a customer for twelve months in most cases.

It pays to shop around, and you’re not necessarily limited to what you would find in the UK.


Worth noting that, as far as I remember, the GLL contract explicitly forbids installing your own satellite dish.


It does, however, if you query them and propose to attach it in a non-permanent way (i.e. using a stand anchored with concrete tiles so it can be removed like furniture) they don’t mind. At least I have that in writing in case the next property manager complains, since they can be a bit of a revolving door environment.


They also have a clause about not having balcony plants more than 1.5m high (or something like that). Not sure if they would apply that height restriction to an aerial/dish on a stand or indeed whether they actually enforce the height on plants!