Sky Q


The latest information is this:

We’ve not heard anything since. Feel free to ask GLL for an update. There is no danger of signing up to something that you can’t use because Sky will currently refuse to sell you Sky Q until the block equipment has been made compatible.


Quick update, though there is not much to report. I poked GLL for any update or rough schedule and received this response.

We are currently working with Sky to get this installed in East Village as soon as possible. We will be starting trials as of next month and if successful we will begin the village wide roll out. However, unfortunately at this time we’re unable to provide any dates at this time.

You can expect to hear from us once a substantial update is available.


Sky sent me a letter inviting me to upgrade to Sky Q so I thought this might be a thing. I went online and the order failed with the same error as before. So good trolling from Sky there.


Here’s a useless vague update from GLL:

Thanks for your email, I appreciate a lot of our residents are eager to see this improvement rolled out, as are we.

Trials are still on-going and unfortunately I’m unable to provide solid dates on when these are due to be reviewed. I understand the silence on this may be becoming frustrating however please rest assured that we will be in touch as soon as we can move forward.

Also Sky keep sending me letters inviting me to upgrade to Q!


Any news?


Nothing new since the above.


For anyone still holding out hope for this, I poked GLL again to ask what happened to “spring/summer”.

They replied:

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately we still do not have an update on the SKY Q service being rolled out across the East Village. I did chase this up last week for another resident but they still our unable to provide a specific time frame when the buildings will be adapted to meet the specifications.

I am really sorry that you have had to chase this and I appreciate that this is not the response that anyone wants to hear!

Once we do have further information or a concrete date on SKY Q we will be emailing all residents.


Thanks for doing that. Seems a bit odd that they position this as the onus being on Sky rather than EV…


I appreicate the updates.

Is there any idea where the holdup actually is?
EMVL, Love Digital or Sky?

Based on what they are saying, i assume the issue is between EMVL and Love Digital. My understanding is Sky set the infrastrucuture specification and provide the equipment to the site equipment maintainers (Love Digital) for installation and that is usually the extent of the engagement (by Sky). Of course Love would not be able to action the work unless EMVL actually allows them to. also has a a lot of information for residents (including the ‘Is your building Sky Q ready’ check) signing up interest helps a little from a Sky perspective, however if the hold up is not Sky then showing sky interest won’t help.


I’ve given up on the entire debacle. I couldn’t get them to get their shit sorted, and the only thing Sky could sell to me was Sky Q since they stopped supporting the older stuff for new customers (or at least it’s hard to get a customer service representative to do it for you). I have a balcony with south sight and LOS (line-of-sight) to Astra, so I’m just abusing my balcony. Technically you’re not allowed to do that, but if you use a balcony stand with sand bags you don’t make any permanent changes and then it’s no different than storing bicycles there (which is another woe many people seem to have).

I understand that not everyone has both the balcony space (in the right direction) and the willingness to lose a 75x75cm patch of space on it.



This matches my assumptions but I’ve never been able to get anything in the way of useful information out of GLL or EVML.


This was the last response I received from GLL (last week):

We have chased East Village Management regarding this as they manage communal dishes and we have had residents enquiring. We are still awaiting a response from them as this is not something we have at the moment on the Village.

I do apologise until further notice this is not available.


Ah! I suspect you were the other resident mentioned in their email to me then!


Any update on this?


I emailed them a few times but they never had any no news and, as in the last reply posted above, it seems that EVML aren’t even answering GLL any more so nobody has any clue what is happening.

I assume the project is dead and nobody wants to admit it.

I’m most likely moving out in April anyway so I gave up asking as it’s irrelevant to me now.


Someone asked about SkyQ on the EV Residents Facebook group and someone has replied saying they had Sky Q installed just before Christmas. They live in Lucia Heights.


They were supposed to be doing tests in at least one block somewhere so maybe it was part of that.


Just called and booked in an installation - not sure if availability is specific to my block or if it’s EV wide. Good luck!


From @TriathlonHomes last newsletter:

We are pleased to inform residents that work to upgrade the existing TV system to allow for Sky Q has been authorised. The work started on 26 February 2018 and will take approximately 8-10 weeks to complete for East Village.

The upgrade work will be on plot by plot basis and we will update you when the work is about to start.

Sky will be contacting residents with information about their Sky Q offer and how to subscribe.


Tirmsout that, once again, Prospect East is not going to be getting it, according to our Housing Officer, as “you are not part of East village”. Hmmm!

Best wishes,

Mike Higgins,