Sky Q


@ToddYatesUK yes, I also received the same message from GLL. They will be visiting our flat as well in the same day.

Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Good news. I emailed GLL with interest but nothing sent to me yet.


Working from home today to see what they get up to.

No sign of them yet, they had better show up!


@ToddYatesUK they didn’t show up at my place. Any luck?


I emailed GLL around 17:00 to ask if they knew if the engineer was still coming.

The engineer requested a sample of properties to visit. We have reached out to East Village Management and they have advised that the engineer did not need to visit every property as the engineer advised that they gathered enough sample information. The Sky Q contractor has left East Village and will not need further access into your home.

So I guess that’s good in the sense that they did turn up and do something but I have no clue what it was or whether the outcome was positive.


Thanks for the update. lets see what happens… I’ll follow up as well.


Any further updates on this topic please


I’ve asked GLL to keep me updated but given that, despite being generally helpful, they are totally disorganised in everything they do, I doubt that will happen!

I’ll be emailing them in a week or two if I don’t hear anything and will continue to pass on any news via this thread. But don’t expect fast progress on this.


Just rang management on 03003037333 this morning was told we cannot as East thames group is very large and if done for one then would need to do for all. I argued the fact that that’s nonsense as if you got one group complaining and others keeping their mouth shut you need to address the speakers who is us complaining. He then told me I can have an HD plus box which I already have and want to upgrade, that really got me angry and further went on to tell him they cannot design our life to suit them. Surely we living in a modernised world and they shouldnt control our life styles. Anyway to cut long story short, Goti my manager would call me to discuss. We all need to put an emphasis on this as we pay our rent.


It’s not down to East Thames (or Triathlon or GLL), it’s down to EVML as they are the building managers. The visit this week was organised by them (possibly after some pestering from GLL) as far as I can tell.

And as much as I’d quite like Sky Q I’m not going to start claiming that this is infringing on my human rights or anything. I don’t need to watch football in UHD, it’s just be kind of nice if I could. It’s good to remind them, but I’m not going to get too uptight about it if it doesn’t happen.


We have been asking about that too - apparently there’s some progress happening. I’m out of contract for almost a year now, so it’s starting to become interesting to look at the new customer options, but I’m not planning to lock myself in into a Sky+ one now that Sky Q is there.

Sky Q would also be easier on us, since it doesn’t use satellite feeds for the secondary boxes, and we use a projector on the other side of the wall where we don’t have the patch panel for coax. We currently use a Sat>IP setup, but that means we’ll only have Freesat.


Yeah, putting a second box in my bedroom without having to drill holes and run cables is one of the main reasons I want it. The other being 4K football :smiley: .

Has anyone heard anything since the visits? Might try poking GLL again.


Today I see some guys up the roof. Do not know if it’s related to our enquires. This needs pure addressing. Maybe if we start doing a petition for all interested to sign to fight this and forwarded to sky and GLL respectively. What do you all think?


It isn’t down to Sky, they are happy to provide the service. It’s up to EVML. I think we’re a lot better off just being nice about it and making regular enquiries than making angry petitions about how there aren’t enough pixels on our televisions.

I’m going to ping GLL in the new year and see if anything is happening.


Update from GLL today:

Thank you for your message.

Our Marketing Team are just putting together an update on Sky Q which I believe is due to be sent out this week.

We are making progress and will be trialling the connection in the public areas of some selected buildings.

As I am sure you are aware, the infrastructure required for Sky Q is substantially different to the usual Sky (via satellite) and this is what is taking the time to sort through and agree an attractive rate to offer our residents.

You should receive their communication by the end of this week.

I don’t understand this at all as it implies that Q is not delivered by satellite. I’m not aware of any such solution or what it would be. Anyone?

Also concerned about the “agreeing an attractive rate” part as I’d be looking to negotiate with Sky on that. There are some offers around currently. If we’re locked into some EV-wide pricing then this could be a lot less interesting.


Thanks for the update!


An update from @GetLivingLondon

Dear Resident,

We’re delighted to inform you that Get Living London are currently working with Sky and Team East Village to bring Get Living London residents the capability to have the Sky Q service in their homes.

What is Sky Q?

Sky Q is Sky’s next-generation TV platform, bringing Sky TV to multiple rooms, screens and devices. Please see Sky’s website for further details of what they offer:

What is happening?

A programme of work will be carried out in the common area of every Get Living London building at no cost to residents to provide this capability. Work is likely to be completed by Spring/Summer 2017 and we will send further confirmation as rollout progresses.

Once this work is complete, Get Living London residents interested in upgrading or changing their service can then contact Sky directly to discuss activating Sky Q for their home.

Please note, it is the capability to have the Sky Q service that is being provided by Get Living London and Team East Village, not the service itself.

Please also note that this work has to be carried out in partnership with Team East Village as it is in the common area of your building. You will not be able to get capability to have the Sky Q Service by contacting Sky directly.

If any residents are already Sky customers and using Sky+ or Sky HD and choose to continue with these services there is no need to do anything. We will keep you informed of progress and if you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us.

Non Sky Residents

Please note this will not affect any residents who continue to use other tv service.
providers such as Virgin Media, BT etc.

Best wishes,

Get Living London


Yep, was going to post the same email.

I assume “work will be carried out in the common area” just means upgrading the dish/equipment. Bit of a strange way of wording it.

Good to see progress anyway.


I’d mentioned my frustration about Sky Q to a highly technically literate friend recently. I think the issue arises because they need to offer “regular” Sky plus Sky Q, so does require some fiddling about with the equipment - but he thought it would still be relatively straightforward to do.
Hopefully whatever work they’re doing will sort out some of the intermittent signal drops that I’ve had to date (“your Sky box is not receiving a signal” is an annoyingly familiar message…)


So, will block N03 ever be able to have SKY Q?

Don’t want to sign up to something I can’t use… I did read all the posts but I’m still a little confused?!