Sky Q


Has anyone managed to get Sky Q installed in the village? Sky are saying that the communal switching equipment in my block needs to be upgraded but whereas normally they’d be able to do this as part of the installation their system isn’t letting them place an order as they don’t have any details of the equipment or who manages it.

I’ve emailed GLL in the first case, will also try EVML. I think Love Digital might be responsible for this equipment?

Any ideas/suggestions?


In case anyone comes across this later:

In regards to the below – we have been asked a couple of times in regards to Sky Q when we will be installing this ability.

The works and proposal to carry out such upgrade does sit with East Village management currently, and there are no schedules at this time to advise of.

We will of course me in touch as soon as this is going ahead and works need to be booked

So I’m assuming this means never.


@EastVillageCEO Can you help? Who can I contact about this?


Any update on this? Seems like a miscommunication between the two companies…?


Thanks for the follow up @ToddYatesUK - I am also interested in Sky Q.


@matthew I got no information out of anyone. @GetLivingLondon can’t help and @EastVillageCEO are not interested in even having a conversation about it. I gave up, basically. Very frustrating.


Hi Todd, the @EastVillageCEO are the ‘Community Engagement Officers’ that patrol and work within the communities and courtyards. They also work for @TriathlonHomes and @GetLivingLondon to host events for general community, families and young people. Not to be confused with ‘Chief Operating Officers’ of East Village, which technically don’t exist anyway. Hope this helps as its a slightly misleading title.


Ah, did not realise that, I thought that was the EVML account as they like to talk about how you can “have the phone number of our CEO” so it fitted with their corporate marketing nonsense.

Anyway I asked EVML and they gave me the verbal equivalent of a giant shrug.


Hi @ToddYatesUK and all interested in this subject = Sky Q.

I spoke with Sky today and they did a check and I’ve been told that East Village E20 is OK for Sky Q as the infrastructure here is compatible. All that is needed is a fast Internet connection. I am with Hyperoptic 100mb package and Sky told me that is absolutely fine.


Thanks for the update @frankdasilva I’ll contact Sky again and see if they’ve changed their mind. Can I ask which block you’re in?


Hi @ToddYatesUK - I am in N09 Vesta House.


@EastVillageCEO - yep, that’s been confusing me for the longest time!
Community Engagement Officers. Got it now!


Thanks @frankdasilva. I’m in N02 so will be interesting to see if anything has changed for me. Nobody seemed to be clear who was even responsible for shared equipment back when I made this thread. If you decide to order I’d be interested to hear how things progress :smiley:.


Hi guys + @ToddYatesUK,

Quick update - I still couldn’t upgrade to Sky Q. I spoke with Sky once again and now they told me something completely different. Sky did a check in East Village and apparently our communal dishes needs to be upgraded. They recommended for us to follow up with our landlords (@GetLivingLondon and @TriathlonHomes) and ask them to chase the dish/equipment provider and ask them to upgrade. Unless this is done we won’t be able to get Sky Q. Apparently Sky is also following up to roll out a full ‘dish’ upgrade with their suppliers.


We have been told this for Mimosa house too by sky.

Best wishes,

Mike Higgins,


This matches what I was told a few months back.

As far as I was able to work out our dish equipment is apparently maintained by Love Digital but contacting them directly is useless as it’s up to EVML to tell them to upgrade the dishes. GLL said it has nothing to do with them and that I have to argue with EVML.


I had a chat with GLL and apparently they are dealing with Sky directly. According to them it is a massive project for the whole village to get the problem sorted. There are legal requirements, implications and surveys need to be carried out, etc… I suggest, lets keep following up on the issue as I’ve been told implementation is planned but it might not going to happen in the near future.


Frank, which email address at GLL should we contact to add support for getting this sorted?


Hi @matthew, I don’t have a generic email for GLL but I suggest you contact your property manager directly, this is the way I did.


@frankdasilva @matthew

Received an email from GLL today:

I understand that you have a keen interest in having Sky Q installed in your home so I was getting in contact to find out whether you would be happy for an engineer to attend to your home next Wednesday 30th November. They will be on site on this date accessing each apartment block to carry out some works to confirm whether it will be viable to install Sky Q throughout East Village.

I’m not getting too excited as this could still take months but at least this is a first step.

Will keep the thread updated with any progress :smile:.