Shops and Retail Units in East Village


Grrrrrr I didn’t know about this or I would’ve totally gone!


@Fiona_Tate They’re still open for another 30 minutes, if you’re nearby


In my onesie now haha. Too late :frowning: deffs didn’t see any advertising though I walked past it on my way in from work and wondered what was happening but no one was getting people to come in so I thought it was just the staff


Welcome @bottleapostle and thanks for joining our new resident led community forum.

I really like the store at Victoria Park Village and used to use it lots when I lived closer. It was great to meet Andrew and Miranda (below) at the recent ‘Meet The Retailer’ event at @GetLivingLondon’s HQ.

What will your opening times be at the East Village store as I notice you close at 9pm on Weekdays and 8pm on Saturdays on your site:



Some productive noises coming from @firezzapizza’s unit today!


About time too, we’re starving in Vesta!!


Hi Lee,

Thanks for the warm welcome, and it was great to meet you at the Retailer’s Evening! We’re still in the process of finalising our opening hours at the moment. I can say that they will likely be similar to our Victoria Park hours.



looking forward to all the units opening, but I cant help but think that there are lots of cafés, restaurants and eateries and not one florist, haberdashery or hardware store?!?


Haberdashery? Not really a call for them these days much as I might love them and anyway John Lewis sell core stuff. Someone tried akin to hardware and the powers that be weren’t up for it and anyway B&Q. Florist, lovely idea but I bet they’d be seldom used. Food is where it is it is profit and trend wise with a bit of booze on the side. I hope it works but we won’t know until they open and still a long way off on most businesses unfortunately.


If you are looking for local hardware basics I recommend the Wilko on The Broadway They have a lot of useful stuff and while it isn’t within our little community it’s not far.
Agree a florist would be nice but can’t imagine how profitable it would be around here.

It would be really good to have a proper caf’ nearby (as opposed to a cafe) – bizarrely seems lacking around here, although there appears to be one opening soon on the other side of Penny Brookes Street over the bridge.


Thanks for sharing this info, its a really exciting list!
Hoping to move into the area in the summer so looking forward to sampling them all!

Only thing missing for me is a decent butchers, anyone know if one might be on the cards?


I remember asking that at the Meet the Retailers. The nearest decent one I can think of is the Ginger Pig on Lauriston Rd just north of Victoria Park, near the other Bottle Apostle.
It’s less than 10 minutes on the bike or a hearty 30 min walk.


:thumbsup: Love GP. Would be convenient to have a branch in East Village. I can’t see it happening as E9 is so close.


Getting closer guys - Clay oven by the looks of things @firezzapizza


Indeed! @firezzapizza is getting closer! The shop is looking awesome!
Lots of cool things coming… watch this space! :slight_smile:


Stunning job on the signage for @firezzapizza (beautifully fabricated by Mood Signs)


Pizza for life, not just for xmas…

Looking good


Thanks everyone. We are sooooo excited to be opening in East Village. It’s scheduled for Monday the 18th. We are planing lots of different activities-2-3 opening parties, free pizzas, aperitivo, different ways to deliver pizzas (electric bicycles), celebrity chef etc… I will keep you updated here of what is coming next. Cant wait to open;))



Vesta is on standby already!


Thanks Edin, @firezzapizza East Village, E20 is looking great at nighttime too!