Shops and Retail Units in East Village


Hi Nick, just a tiny correction. we are moving in unit 7.3.


Thanks @LaGelatiera, I have amended the original post. Welcome to Yonder and East Village :smile:


You will be in my block. I’m going to apologise in advance for you seeing me regularly.


Right behind you @Lizzie — I’m still missing Pinkberry from Westfield… but this is another level of indulgence!


Not that I’m feeling smug Lee, but we will have bottle apostle and the gelateria in my block. I don’t think I’m ever leaving.


Welcome to East Village @firezzapizza — I live in Vesta House so you will be my downstairs neighbour. Do you have a date for the opening? We are all looking forward! :smile:


That is great!!! :slight_smile: Looking forward to meeting you. Will treat you well, we promise smile:


@frankdasilva A certain person I live with is still asking will they deliver!!!


Does anyone know what’s happening with the unit next to the Neighbourhood in N16? The standalone one, not Sainsburys, obviously. Looks as though all the work there stopped very suddenly a few months ago and hasn’t started up again since. Any idea, @GetLivingLondon?


hey @Francis - don’t think the worked stopped, that was the developer stage completion. It’s ready to be fitted out, the retailer event on Wednesday would be a good time to ask questions


@Francis there was never any work in it. Sainsbury’s/pub used it as an office/storage space which was broken into because tools were stored in it etc. I over look this and apart from the ridiculous amount of time and screw ups involved to get the building up that’s all it had ever been. Structural only and no fit out. Who might be moving in there had changed 3 times to my knowledge. As Lee said hopefully we’ll know more on Wednesday.


Ah - well that explains a lot! Thanks Claire!


Hello, Tom from Pavé Velo here. I’m very sorry we couldn’t personally make it to the East Village ‘Meet the Retailer’ event last week. We were all at iceBike* checking out the brand new products for 2015! We hope you managed to grab one of our limited edition bags?

I’ve been asked to describe Pavé Velo with a few words, so here goes:

Founded in Cornwall in 2010, Pavé Velo is a family run bike shop dedicated to great customer service. We are a knowledgeable, all inclusive, community centred bike shop. Our well respected and reliable workshop delivers everything from simple on the spot repairs to full blown services with wheel building and bespoke modifications in between. Simply put, what we do in Cornwall we do well and strive to be better than anyone else at doing it. Our objective is to deliver an excellent socially minded cycle store into East Village that the community will want to take to its heart and make it its own.

We hope to be opening sometime in May and hope to meet you all very soon.


Hey Tom @PaveVelo You’ve arrived — great to see you here at last!


Hey Guys,
Just moved into my new place. All these retail places are making me excited!



Hi Guys,
We are open!!
Look forward to working with you.
Please pop in when you get a chance.



Great news @MBE,

I wanted to pop in today but got back pretty late from work.

Out of interest, what are your opening hours please?

It was lovely meeting you at the Retailer Event at the GLL offices the other week! :smile:


Congratulations Imran @MBE, see you later on — I’ll be over this morning to send my very first special delivery!

EDIT: Finally made it in to see Imran today, it’s so incredibly handy to send all kinds of deliveries, UPS, Fedex, CityLink right through to Royal Mail specials. It’s all incredibly efficient @MBE


Has anyone got a copy of the most recent retailer map as the attached above is an old one? E.g. Sean Hanna is now unnamed hairdresser, A Touch of Class is now unnamed dry cleaners, Espresso Hut is now The Hand (I think.) Meaning the one on display at the Meet the Retailers do.

Updates on building - Firezza’s application to the LLDC has been approved, Bottle Apostle and Espresso Hut/The Hand have submitted internal fit out plans to Newham. NB Not much to see on the Newham links.

Firezza LLDC approval - Ref 14/00427/FUL

Espresso Hut Newham Application - Ref 15/01629/OTHFP

Bottle Apostle Newham Application - Ref 15/01585/OTHFP


Regency Beauty opens tomorrow according to Twitter (can’t post the link) and explains the blokes in there late tonight I presume.

4pm launch for some free fizz and a raffle to win treatments. I expect they’ll post this themselves later.