Shops and Retail Units in East Village


Welcome @MBE - indeed, mail services/Royal Mail will be very handy. Looking forward!!


Welcome @MBE! We have been looking forward to your opening :smiley:


Hi @jm_dp

Triathlon residents are welcome to attend the open evening, this has been advertised in the Triathlon newsletter -


Yes @Lee registered and special delivery services are definitely on the menu.


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Just found this with confirmation of which retailers are in which of the units… Exciting times!


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Works fine for me too. I downloaded it to my laptop to put it on my EV FB group so I’ll see if I can add it here too later.


Shops.pdf (1.1 MB)

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Thanks Claire - I’ve uploaded the pdf and added it to the main post.


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N18, N19, N20, N21, N22, N23, N24, N25? What are they doing here? More houses? and N8? Are they planning to reduce the green area?


@joaofonseca70 go onto the LLDC planning website and see the agreed final plans. Search by plot numbers for specifics.

The short version is N05, N06, N08, N16, N18/N19 will all be homes with some retail space at ground level. N17 hotels (that final plan hasn’t been approved yet), N20-N23 offices within TIQ (final plans not submitted yet), N24 is Manhattan Loft Gardens being built now and N25 is Stratford International carpark.

Apart from N16 the rest of East Village will be built on soon including N24 (not technically EV but part of TIQ), work will start this year and some of it very soon.

LLDC Planning Register


I’m even more excited for these to start opening after seeing the letting plan.

I wonder when it’ll happen… Maybe we’ll find out at the meet the retailers event.


Hopefully they should provide some details then - however I can’t make it that night so any info if someone could post here that would be appreciated!


Hey it’s @LaGelatiera — Big big welcome to Yonder! Can you give us some information about what brings you to East Village?


Thank you Lee for the warm welcome!
Yes, we are coming to the East Village hopefully before summer kicks in :slight_smile:
First branch is in Covent Garden and has now been trading for 3 years. We will bring to East Village a brand new Gelato Cafe concept unique in London.
Our space will boast a large open gelato lab/theatre where people will be able to watch the gelato making process. We will of course also have a gelato counter and a cafe/bar serving alongside our unique gelato and ice cream cakes a wide range of home made cakes, bakes and other sweet treats during the day. We are very excited and can’t wait to be part of the East Village community!


@LaGelatiera welcome to the Village! Looking forward to see you guys here – bring on the Summer :slight_smile:


Thanks much! Looking forward to meeting you too. We will surely try to bring sunshine in a pot :slight_smile: