Shops and Retail Units in East Village


@tinawesaluteyou welcome and we will be looking forward!! :slight_smile:


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first time poster here, really curious about all the shops that are going to open around East village. Me and my family were wondering if there were any plans for a library? It’d be nice to have one. the kids get restless on the weekend and the 308 on a sunday is a drag.


Welcome @swt — great to hear from first time posters. No plans for a library as far as I know. The library at Stratford isn’t too far away if you walk around the back way onto The Grove. Map


Hi Lizzie, we’re so excited to be part of the community too! Can’t wait!!!



We have partnered with Little Free Libraries to bring two pop up libraries right here in East Village, have you spotted them yet?! find out more here

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It looks like Mail Boxes Etc have got the go ahead for their fit out as of 19 January.

15/00471/AI | Refurbishment of existing retail store at 26-28 Cheering Lane East Village E20 | Street Record Cheering Lane Stratford London - Approved Inspector Notice Accepted. Newham Building Control

The shop’s website - Mail Boxes Etc - Stratford East Village


Just added Regency Beauty’s website at the top of the page.

This is it too. Regency Beauty


Hi guys we would like to tell you our salon regency beauty London will be opening in about four weeks time :slight_smile: pre book any treatments now visit our website:

Many thanks


Welcome to Yonder @Regencybeauty :smiley:

Thank you for taking the time to engage our community on this platform! I am sure our ladies are looking forward to your opening!


We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Thanks for taking the time to register and introduce @Regencybeauty to Yonder. We briefly met before Christmas, we’re your neighbours on Prize Walk — Looking forward to your launch, see you soon Jennifer!


Thanks lee we are looking forward to it too :slight_smile:


I hope so too :slight_smile:


Update re. Unit 9.2 — ‘seanhanna’ is no longer the Hair Salon — Sorry no more information at this point. @Lee



I’d like to introduce myself - I am Imran Naveed, franchisee of Mail Boxes Etc.
I can confirm that MBE shopfit is in full flow and we are looking to open the doors in 3 weeks time i.e. first week of March.

The long wait is over and residents will be able to benefit from the services that we offer.

Few are listed here:

  • Mailbox Services.
  • Full Colour Print Services - Digital Copying.
  • Mailing Services including Royal Mail
  • Worldwide Parcel Delivery - Packaging Solutions

Please come and say hello if you go pass the store.


Don’t know if this is open to Triathlon residents but seems GLL are doing an opening evening soon.

Dear Resident,

We would like to invite all East Village residents to drop in and meet some of the independent retailers arriving as part of the
next phase of restaurant and shop openings.

The drop-in evening will be held on Wednesday 25 February 2015 from 5pm - 8pm at Get Living London’s offices.

Refreshments will be provided so to confirm your attendance please email

We look forward to seeing you then.

Best wishes,

Your Get Living London Property Management Team


Welcome to Yonder Mail Boxes Etc. @MBE — Looking forward to meeting you. I know there are many freelancers and business folk in the area that can’t wait to use your services. Royal Mail will be so handy, I take it we can send registered/special delivery packages. The colour copying services will also be a really valuable service to have on our doorstep. @Lee