Shops and Retail Units in East Village


Totally agree about being very expensive…we could as a community raise this issue collectively and present it to their head office…as I feel fairer prices would mean more of us would shop there…better for them and us…anyway it’s just an idea I have…Been thinking about.


Another new one… ‘Regency Beauty’ to be at 10 Liberty Bridge Road - doesn’t seem to have a website yet.


They were called Wax In The City until very recently!!


I hope one of the units will be a real east end pie & mash shop! with pie, mash and liquor!?!?!?


You might need to take a trip to Bethnal Green or alike for the real thing. However Bumpkin have apparently just started their own version but it’ll probably be too posh!!


Hit Leytonstone eel and pie house. Traditional and very easy to get to - 10 mins on the bus.


And @Lee is proved correct that 10.3 / 26 Cheering Lane will be Mail Boxes Etc.


@lee you must be psychic!!


Thanks for updating the Wiki topic at the top of this thread @Ben - nice housekeeping sir!


Bottle Apostle were issued their licence today. Newham Licensing


@Lizzie will be happy with this news :wink:


Oh yes she is! See you down there at midnight in my PJs :smiley:


Inspired Interiors - official as it’s on the front of On Your Doorstep but nothing official found yet on where. @Lee is psychic though! This is them and they live here.


hi was told by shop fitters about 2-3 months ago. that shop under meller house pennybrooke street. last shop on left before you turn right to westfields car park. its gona be a metro tescos. ( but wether it still is not sure


Retail and external works update from @GetLivingLondon & @TriathlonHomes (Taken from recent newsletter 20th Dec 2014)

We’re pleased to say that work to enable the fit out of East Village retail units will be taking place in the new year. However, this inevitably means that there will be periods of disruption as changes to the specific retail spaces are made, in advance of the retailers fitting out their premises and moving in. We will keep you updated in advance of works being carried out and are working with the contractors to limit disruption to residents, but if you have any questions or queries do let us know.

During January some external works are also planned on Prize Walk to supply gas to the retail units within Vesta House. Activity will be limited to working hours to limit noise disruption to residents of buildings surrounding Prize Walk.


Yes, we are coming to the East Village. First branch is in Dalston and has now been trading for nearly 6 years. Hoping to get another 5 star review in TimeOut London.
We will be a cafe/bar serving breakfast/brunch during the day, and morphing into a bar in the evenings serving classic cocktails, excellent wine and East London-centric bottled beers. Our amazing coffee will be available all day.
We are also organising a wide ranging cultural program that will include film screenings, live performance, art installations and weekend brunch live jazz.
Check out or @tinawesaluteyou on twitter and Instagram.
Looking forward to being a vibrant member of this wonderful new community.


Hello @tinawesaluteyou!

I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to you on behalf of all East Village residents. Thank you for making yourselves available to engage our community on this platform.

I am incredibly excited for your cafe/bar to open in our village! Do you have any potential opening dates yet? I’ll be the first line to get in :smile:



Hi Nik,
Good to hear you are looking forward to Tina’s arrival. It looks like we get keys to our unit in the next few days. Our aim is to have builders doing fit out in early Feb, hopefully opening early March.
It’s been a really slow process to get to this point. You guys are so lucky to live in the area. We know a lot of the businesses that are moving in, and I gave a lot of respect for many of them. It’ll be an awesome place to socialise.


@tinawesaluteyou Hey Steve. Welcome aboard!!!
Let us know your opening date, we’ll get the words out. If you nail the food, there will be lots of happy people in the village, me for one :smiley:


Hi Steve @tinawesaluteyou — Great to be able to welcome you here on Yonder. Genuinely thrilled to hear that you should be open in early March. A great spot you’ve secured overlooking the Wetlands on Olympic Park Avenue. Keep us updated with the progress, love the cultural programming ideas.

Congratulations and good luck with the build!