Shops and Retail Units in East Village


Yeah that’s a misprint on the map, those two should be pointing at the existing Star Command unit (which must be the world’s tiniest Laser Tag arena, can’t really believe anyone goes to it).

The temporary signage on what was Mamalan said “New restaurant coming soon” and there were rumours of a new Asian restaurant in that spot a few months back so it’s probably that. With any luck it will have more than three things on the menu!


Who needs dairy? @LaGelatiera


where is that? sounds amazing! i need it all for my health! as i’m currently on post cycle therapy. thanks a lot for everything.


Absolutely! Fruit and nut-based, therefore healthy

All at @LaGelatiera on Victory Park, East Village. Open Saturday and Sunday in the winter, but you can also get delivery of tubs during the week I think…


Love love love @LaGelatiera, I can’t imagine East Village without them. Thanks for so many vegan options! :raised_hands: :green_heart:


This is exciting! Dairy sucks


I see the former Pave Velo unit is being refitted at the moment. Anyone know what it’s going to be?


I believe it’s going to be the new community space run by East Village Trust and @TheYard


On the plans for the new windows it was an Asian restaurant called Chop Chop. It was possibly just a working title though.

Chop Chop used to be a chain of Chinese restaurants although there doesn’t seem to be as many around these days. I’m pretty sure the new Mamalan will be a restaurant of this type.


We buy as much as possible in the village because we believe in local, independent shops. We buy all our meat from “Appetite” (though we mostly eat fish), and all our bread from “Signorelli” (almost on a daily basis). We did also buy a lot from Ted’s Veg; though recently we’ve been going less and less.Today, we bought - among other things - some carrots for a cake; 180 grams for 60p, that comes to £3.33 a kilo. The carrots are probably not organic; at least it didn’t say so. Waitrose Duchy Organic carrots cost £1.54 per kilo, so less than half - and they certainly look better. Ocado offer a similar price. And I begin to wonder: For us, is buying at Ted’s Veg really worth it?


Guys what’s going on with The Fish House and Dark Horse??

Ted’s Veg is a strange shop. It’s very big but doesn’t have that much in it. Little is organic yet everything’s incredibly expensive. And they have a weird little dry goods area - salt, vinegar, etc.

You know what does work really well is Ginger and Mint. Friendly, great food, reasonable prices, amazing selection of natural stuff on the shelves.


Getting new bi folds installed, by the looks of it. Dark Horse re opens on 29th Jan according to their website. Phew!


Yes, @elishasessions I agree. Check out the stall Ted’s Veg have on Vicky Park Market. Very good choice of interesting, fresh vegetables (same high prices), so quite different offer from their E20 shop, actually.


Half price fruit and veg at @Tedsveg East Village today before they close for refurb

Blueberries for days!