Shops and Retail Units in East Village


Yeah that’s a misprint on the map, those two should be pointing at the existing Star Command unit (which must be the world’s tiniest Laser Tag arena, can’t really believe anyone goes to it).

The temporary signage on what was Mamalan said “New restaurant coming soon” and there were rumours of a new Asian restaurant in that spot a few months back so it’s probably that. With any luck it will have more than three things on the menu!


Who needs dairy? @LaGelatiera


where is that? sounds amazing! i need it all for my health! as i’m currently on post cycle therapy. thanks a lot for everything.


Absolutely! Fruit and nut-based, therefore healthy

All at @LaGelatiera on Victory Park, East Village. Open Saturday and Sunday in the winter, but you can also get delivery of tubs during the week I think…


Love love love @LaGelatiera, I can’t imagine East Village without them. Thanks for so many vegan options! :raised_hands: :green_heart:


This is exciting! Dairy sucks