Shops and Retail Units in East Village


yes, it is all confirmed thursday 26th - you are a table of 2 guests?


Thanks @Darkhorse Yes, we are two, for 7pm


Looks like Signorelli has taken over what was Bottle Apostle, I think it was called “Bread Shop by Signorelli” but we had a quick look in and it seemed to just be a smaller selection of stuff from the existing store. The sign said it was in soft launch though. I hope it’s going to be a proper bakery, it’s the last thing missing in EV and next to Ted’s and Appetite is the perfect location for one.


Took a quick snap this morning. @Signorelli can you share your plans for the new spot? :sunny: :grinning:


One of the staff told me it’s a sort of pop-op. They’ll be trying for some moths in the first instance (I think he said six), to see how things go. And if everything runs well, they might continue for longer. They offer coffees, breads, and cakes / sweet stuff. You can also rent the large space next to the counter, for your own event. There’s a fully functional kitchen in the back, too, that can then be used.

We’ve bought bread three times there now. Surprisingly, the choice of bread in the cafe is better than in the bread shop. The never had the potato one (“Paysan Crown”), and when I asked for it yesterday, I was told that I wast the third on the day with that question, and that for the time being, only the cafe has that. And I never saw a baguette. (Well, yesterday I saw one weird thing that they referred to as a “ciabatta baguette” which I found quite amusing. A bit of left dough, in my view, put into a funny shape.)


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New zoning furniture on Victory Parade today


Looks like GLL or someone has provided all of these as every shop has the same chairs (in a range of colours), tables, hedges and heaters. Not entirely sure we need seats outside Ted’s Veg, but Dark Horse was making great use of theirs on Friday evening with lots of groups dining outside.

Not sure why Mamalan has seats though, it closed months ago!


There is a pan-asian replacement on the way.

Pop up events and relaxing and snacking on their healthy goodness


I always need a sit down after buying root veg and berries