Shops and Retail Units in East Village


Oh, and there’s this, of course:

(And I’m a bit disappointed that the topic has been closed, btw. but at the same time, I understand that one wishes to stop speculative postings…)


I’ll re-open that for you, regards Lee


Star Command - The Outpost
Laser Tag VR Gaming

Opening February 2018

0330 333 8085
Victory Parade, East Village


That’s interesting about the VR Laser Tag! Thank you for sharing.


Bottle Apostle closing 25 March

real shame



So sad to read this news from Andrew @BottleApostle — I’m really shocked as I believe that the critical mass is just around the corner. There are so many new developments arriving in and around the park, not just East Village and Chobham Manor.

You’ll be sorely missed by all those customers who have supported over the past 3 years and those who will arrive and occupy the new apartments in East Village N08 and Manhattan Lofts Gardens. I genuinely hope that there is something that can be worked out to retain this beautiful branch of Bottle Apostle within East Village.


Very sad news re: @BottleApostle! We have used you guys a lot over the past few years & will miss having you in EV.

All these closures are really worrying & disheartening. :persevere:


Clearly, the developers took in the shops too early. They were probably worried about loosing rent income. I just hope we won’t end up like one of those areas with boarded up shops forever. Considering that there’s even more (empty) shop space in the Chobham Manor development, I’m not really convinced this is going anywhere.

I see many of the shops in E20 constantly empty, and without being negative: more will close down soon.


This is very disheartening, I agree - three of my favourite places gone within as many months. Red Yellow Blue, Pave Velo and Bottle Appostle

I’m trying to pin down what it is that’s at play here.

  1. Location: big picture. Most of the potential customers will have walked through one of Europe’s largest urban shopping centres on their way home from the tube. You need to be very principled to resist what is on offer there. If you food shop in Waitrose or Sainsburys or M&S, they all have a half decent booze section. For me, cycling home from the direction of Victoria Park, EV is the main centre I pass through, so it is well placed, but my circumstances are far from the norm. Of course this should have worked in favour of Pave Velo.

  2. Location: detail. I’ve always felt the landscaping of Victory Park does its ‘level’ best to hide the shops from the areas of heavy footfall, namely the stretch from Sainsburys to St Int. Anyone new to the area looking for a bar doesn’t automatically notice the shopping area, despite the signage.

  3. Daytime economy: There is very little in the immediate vicinity. For retail businesses open predominantly during the day this is a real weak point. When I was prampushing for 6 months last year it was virtually empty during the day, and not all businesses can survive just on cashstrapped parents. Surely there should be more office based businesses dotted around?

  4. Bob Dylan: the times are a changin. Is this simply reflecting wider shopping pattern shifts, a la elephant-in-the-room internet. We use Ocado, with the exception of fruit/veg and meat thanks to Teds and Appetite, but again that’s a conscious decision. For many it’s perhaps just simpler to order everything in one go.

  5. Old Dogs, New Tricks. Are people simply stuck in their ways, unwilling to try new things, not needing to try new things? Is it not far more challenging to unlearn habits than to start new ones? With a focus on indies (rightly IMO), EV is betting on the good will of people to support them.

  6. Bad timing. Would the critical mass have come with the completion of the new towers?

  7. Size matters. Most of the units are a huge floor area. I bet if they were half the space, and half the rent, there would be a greater chance of survival.

I don’t know if any of these are valid, i’m no retail expert, or know of any more personal factors at play as well, but it pains me to see the gradual demise of what promised so much. All we can do is keep supporting the ones we like by using them as much as we can.


Thanks @oat44
It’s a good idea to reflect and try to learn how we can help keep East Village a thriving and varied community of people and businesses.


Good post @oat44.

I can’t help think that it’s time the landlord considered slashing rents on retail units here - at least until all the towers are up. If they’re serious about all the East Village marketing/PR - a new, thriving community and a hub of bars, shops and restaurants - they clearly need to do more to help businesses make it work.


Excellent suggestion, @Oat44
I was thinking that, too.
(Though in the end, all of us would probably pay for a deficit.)


It’s great that you have thought so much about it. The landlords are really supportive and are doing a lot to try and help the area.

There are also more offices coming near East Village too, so your idea of a lack of daytime traffic will change. But not for another couple of years yet.

It’s great to hear how supportive you are of local businesses.


I’m so gutted. I buy all my meat from Appetite and my booze from Bottle Apostle (at great expense) - it’s been really enjoyable building a great relationship with the staff at these shops. ( especially Laz)

I hope Appetite doesn’t go the same way. :frowning:


Anyone know what’s happening with the unit that plant shop ‘Geo Fleur’ were in (next to the dentist on Mirabelle Gardens)? It’s sat empty since they left early last summer and it makes me sad every time I walk past! Huge space next door (at the end of Penny Brooks St, where the first Christmas ‘Makers Market’ was held) has also been empty for years. Such a terrible waste of great spaces that could contribute to this side of EV! :confused:


The big unit has a building control application for ‘Installation of a male & female changing facility’ - perhaps supporting one of the construction sites. I’ve not seen anything for the small unit. I imagine that until the office development opposite is complete any shops there would suffer from a lack of passing trade.


Hello ALL ,

On the theme of supporting your small local businesses in the village and sharing awareness , you may have seen there are some ‘Supper club’ events upcoming in the next few weeks . Organised and sponsored in conjunction with East Village / GLL .
Ours is on Thursday 26th April in the evening , where will be putting on a Basque Night - showcasing food from this Northern Regional Spanish area.
Tickets are limited and we have sold a few already but we still have some left and you can book from 3 people upwards ( tables of 2 are sold out) This is a great opportunity to try some fantastic food and to give us a try if you havent already
Real ticket price should be £60 per person, but because EV are helping , we can offer to residents at £29 pp. Here is the link on eventbrite to book

Please also note
Over Easter , we will also be open on Easter Sunday for lunch
Many thanks
Victory Parade


We’ve got tickets! :grinning:


…but is this actually happening???