Shops and Retail Units in East Village


Does anyone know what’s happening with Hand? Hasn’t been open for about a week now missing the very busy bank holiday trade (the bakery down the road was packed). Nothing in the window about them being on holiday or anything but everything inside was in situ.

The bakery is also closed today even though it should be open from 7:30, nothing in the window to suggest otherwise.


On their Instagram it says they have been closed for their Greek summer holiday and will reopen tomorrow (31st).


Is @PaveVelo expanding into the old @olive_loves_alfie unit? I had noticed that the latter closed and my friend said he walked past last week and it was full of bikes. Haven’t been past there myself to see what’s going on though. I think there’s a residential entrance between those two units so maybe the extra space is just for stock/storage.


Just a handy space whilst they did a tidy up. Noticed it’s looking more slick in there?


Re: Hand reopening on the 31st - Phew! And also, I’m a big fan of Appetite, really great meat and cheese selection, with some irresistible desserts too. Very pleased to have them locally.


Planning application is in for change of use of retail unit 10.2 (Tucana/Cheering Lane) to be the new base for the EV Police team


With the arrival of Appetite I find myself wishing even more that someone would open a nice local bakery. It’s the one thing that’s missing. I know Signorelli does some bread but it’s very expensive and options are fairly limited so I still end up in Sainsbury’s or Waitrose for bread most of the time. But you can’t beat proper fresh bread just out of the oven!


But it is very nice bread… (I try not to eat too much so I’m fine paying for it) Also, the baguettes are cheaper

Otherwise, it’s a nice Saturday morning bike ride across Vicky Park to E5 bakehouse, right?


I’ve been rediscovering the natural flavours of artisan breads over the past few years and more recently trying to wean myself off processed foods. @Signorelli are turning out some delicious artisan breads, good selection of sour doughs including Spelts, Multigrain, Wholemeal and a classic 24hr Sourdough, highly recommend trying the Paysan crown (potato and caramelised onions) and the slow rising Italian Ciabatta is delicious. Everything is made fresh daily using natural ingredients and free from preservatives or stabilisers found in all supermarket bread.

I was just walking past and asked the owner Alberto to show me what had just come out of the oven!


Apparently there is no escaping EV for me. @LaGelatiera turned up in the Moonpig office to bring me ice cream! Delicious!



I’ve been thinking about going round to all the retailers in East Village and taking some photos of the staff for a little project. Who would be open to me shoving a camera in their face? It would be good to do all of the places from:
@Handcafe and more

Who’s in?


@A_my — I think that’s a great idea and something that you could and should mention to @GetLivingLondon / also @frankdasilva @Echo would be a good starting point for a project like this, it’s something that many casusally do anyway and I’d be keen to get involved…here’s a simple iPhone shot from @Handcafe I took on Friday. @GetLivingLondon have already taken many staff profiles and portraits for their portfolio, that’s not to say something new could be approached in a different context.


Cool! Nice shot @Lee! I was thinking of some black and white stuff. Is there a contact for @GetLivingLondon that I can speak to?


i dont think RedYellowBlue will be opening again…it looks as though they have joined MamaLan


Big shame - hope people moving into chobham manor helps the other businesses, and when the other buildings are completed. Use them or lose them!


One strange thing I noticed is that GLL included RYB on the digital Christmas posters on the new EV building lobby advertising/information screens even though it had already closed.






I entirely agree. That’s why we do use them. Or friends of our do, because we spread the word about what we have here. And I mean not only the cafes/bars.