Shops and Retail Units in East Village


Thanks Lee! We plan to drop in and see you this week to say hello :slight_smile:


Thanks Simi! Hope you are well :slight_smile:


Welcome to Yonder @Gingerandmint — Good to see you here, loved the smoothie yesterday! Great menu of freshly made fruit and vegetable juices on offer. Yet to try some of your healthy salads, wraps or sandwiches — See you soon no doubt


Thank you for listing us on there.

Our website is if you would like to anchor link us.
If anyone is interested in Guitar Lessons, the best thing to do is to fill out our contact form online and we can get in touch to recommend the right program for you.


Unit 7.1 — looking forward to the arrival of ‘Teds Veg’ in EV!


Here at Ted’s Veg, farming is in our blood. We’ve been farming now for at least four generations and we look forward to farming for generations to come.

Our farm is in Boston, Lincolnshire and although we now sell our produce at many London Farmer’s Markets and London locations to our end consumers, this hasn’t always been the case!

We started off our farming roots supplying to wholesale markets up and down the country but as years went by we expanded, relocated and evolved to what we are today.

One thing has always remained though; our produce has always been…

Grown with love and fuelled by passion.

Ted’s Veg is committed to providing our customers with the freshest, home grown harvested produce, as well as sourcing the best exotic produce from around the world.

An ever-changing range of seasonal homegrown vegetables and salad from Ted Dawson’s farm near Boston in Lincolnshire, is picked everyday for its freshness therefore giving it the taste, our customers deserve.

Please be warned, our crops are grown CHEMICAL FREE, so you may find the odd bug, slug or caterpillar in your Ted’s goodies!

Ted’s Veg are proud participants in Planzhero’s plight to eradicate wastage. Through our membership with this amazing organisation, we provide many local charities with hundreds of kilos of edible but non-sellable fruit and veg every week!


Where are Ted’s Veg based in EV?


@krish - due to open in Spring I think, unit 7.1 — see the map at the top of this topic, which could do with updating


Yeah it’s where the Xmas Maker’s Market was, to the right of Bottle Apostle. That unit is quite big though, not sure if they’re taking the whole thing or just half.


Space for a lot of veg!


I went to @Gingerandmint for breakfast twice, once on my own, and once with my girlfriend. We found the breakfast really good and reasonably priced. I can especially recommend the scrambled eggs and salmon on (brown or white) toast for £4, see my photo below. Nicely presented, too.

We also like the shop area, and instead of going to Sainsbury’s when we need this and that (we mostly order from Ocado), we’ll from now on buy it from Ginger & Mint. A cafe/shop like Ginger & Mint is what we need in the village, so I will definitely support them. It’s always difficult in the beginning, especially as the village is not fully inhabited yet.

Staff are very friendly, helpful, and competent. However, as the place is often quite empty (at least whenever I was there), staff seem to have gotten used to killing time on their mobile phones. That’s not a problem as such if it weren’t for the music that was being played from their mobile phones whenever I went. Well, to be honest, we actually left earlier and did not have a coffee because of that. I don’t like that tinny sound which comes directly from smart phones. Terrible. So there’s room for improvement here.

Otherwise recommended for both breakfast / juices and shopping all sorts of organic / alternative foods.


My 8yr old just had a first assessment at @GuitarTuitionELondon - Thanks to Darryl & Jen, you made us feel very welcome and she really enjoyed the session!


Such a cute picture! She was great. :blush: Glad she enjoyed her lesson with us.


Great service from @Gingerandmint — dropped by this afternoon to pickup a healthy snack/tea & juice for the kids. Thanks for allowing them to order off menu :ok_hand:


Does anyone know who will be replacing Mama Lan? Still gutted they’ve closed :’(


The food was okay but the menu was rubbish. We went there once when it opened, ordered one of everything, and then never had any reason to go back.


Similar experience here. We tried a second time though. It’s a pity really.


New place about to open on the corner of Glade Walk / West Park Walk.
Looks like a butcher to me.
Very big space…


I agree Falco, looks like a good space, that corner is crying out to be occupied to complete the retail offer on West Park Walk. I’m really hoping that local people start using @Tedsveg in conjunction with the new Deli/butchers (do we know the name?)

I think @Tedsveg is brilliant, loads of really handy pots and plants this week, it’s a glourious green addition to East Village. I’ll try to remember to post some pictures soon. We should all post more photos, it documents change like nothing else :+1:


According to this “map”, it’ll be called “Appetite”.
A sandwich bar maybe, rather than a butcher?
Or a deli? Hmmmmm…


@Lee Yes, we also love @Tedsveg
I think we can consider ourselves regulars.
We even bought a huuuge pot with plants for our balcony :grinning: