Shops and Retail Units in East Village


Totally agree!


Congratulations to @Darkhorse @LeeDH — Winners of the Time Out Love London Award

‘Best Restaurant in Stratford’


Well deserved - my favourite restaurant in EV :smile: @LeeDH @Darkhorse


Cheers folks, a big thanks to all those who voted and supported us over the last year!


Anyone heard any news on this? I don’t walk past that way very often but this would be great. I see that the usage and signage requests were both approved.


Yes it is us :smile: Looking forward to officially becoming part of the village!



Nice! Any idea when you’re opening?


Great question. We don’t have an exact date yet since there are a few variables but we hope within the next 4 weeks!

We will have an official launch within the next 2 months and will post a thread here on yonder about it - once we have a confirmed date. :grin:


Any one have any details on the shop near Hand being stocked with produce and health foods?!


I believe this is still accurate:


Hi guys

Are there any plans for unit 7.1? Thanks!


It was used for the Christmas Makers Market and prior to that was used by GLL and/or EVML as general storage for events and the Sunday market. They originally planned to use the bike storage in N02 for this but that never happened and then things appeared in 7.1 instead. Not heard about any plans for the unit beyond that.


There were rumours that it was going to become a green grocers / butchers at one point but haven’t heard anything since then.


Last I heard (week before Christmas, via EVMakersMarket folks) is that it’s going to be a greengrocer & delicatessen. I don’t think the butchers side is going to exist though. I think it will be linked up with the ever-evolving @EastVillageMarket

You can follow Ginger & Mint on Instagram, recent post via @GetLivingLondon below


There’s a planning application for signage currently being considered
Seems to be from these people who appear at the @EastVillageMarket


Popped by Ginger & Mint yesterday and it’s great. They have a great selection of friut and veg, milk, and other food stuff. Will be my go to shop now instead of Sainsburys.

I hope we soon get to the point where I never have to leave the village.


Yes! @modboy — also popped in to say hello this morning, took some quick photos. Lovely selection of fresh ingredients and store cupboard essentials! Great addition to EV!


Thanks for the pictures @Lee - look forward to popping in during the weekend :slight_smile:


Go Darryl!!


Looking forward to signing my 8yr old up to guitar classes Darryl — Congratulations mate!