Shops and Retail Units in East Village


Love the chap on the roof running out of shot at 1:55!




Another new store:
And offering 50% off all services for their first two weeks. Thank you @bluetitlondon!
Opens Wednesday September 23rd :smiley:


Their online booking isn’t the easiest to use but I spoke to a lovely girl (Rebecca on 0208 98 53 558) to book in the end.

Really hoping the experience is decent as I’ve been loyally trekking to Covent Garden to a salon, only to find out on my last visit that my beloved stylist had left and “they’d tried to call” (I suspect not, as I would have cancelled and suspicious they’re the only people who couldn’t use my voicemail). Would much rather become loyal to somewhere local!


Hi @LaGelatiera
Any more news on when you will open?


Jesus! £42 for boys cut? Really? I think we are not in Chelsea or South Kensington. I thought that all this shops and business should be affordable. Any plans for a cheaper cut?£10-£15 max? I really want to change to a local business.


£42 for a mens haircut in Stratford is laughable!! We need a proper barbers and a butcher.


It does seem like all the units are being allocated on a “This would be so EDGY and COOL” basis rather than “This would be of any use whatsoever.”

How about a curry house and a proper post office sometime, rather than another Happening Coffee Shop?


Ooh yes, I second a curry house!! My partner and I have said that ever since we moved here last May. A proper post office would also be amazing.


I’ve always said that more “village” shops should open. Florist, butchers, fishmongers, east end pie and mash.

And a hardware store that actually sells things like lightbulbs and things for East Village properties that are a nightmare to buy without going online.


Hi Jools, thank you very much for your interest. We are nearly there. So hopefully by end of October, first week of November we should be open. See you there then :smile: Best La Gelatiera


I get my crew cut for £7 on Roman Road. Not fashionable at all, though. Neither the cut, nor the barbers.



Post Office: Yes, I used to bike all the way to Leighton, or to Roman Road, but now I discovered the one in Stratford.
18 counters, if I remember well - but some weeks ago it wouldn’t show up with their own branch finder :confused:
However, it now does:
Stratford 26 - 28 The Broadway, Stratford, London, Greater London E15 4QS
Still a bit to walk, but for me much better than Leighton…


@LaGelatiera Oh, no!!! I won’t be able to resist the temptation!!! :joy: I love good italian style icecream! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Please find below the latest news from in and around East Village from @GetLivingLondon

Retail works on Victory Parade

We are pleased to confirm that the fit outs of @Darkhorse and @MamaLan are progressing well, with both due to open in the next four weeks.

The works installing extraction to the retail units on Victory Parade is now coming to a close, with all scaffolding expected to be removed by the end of the month and final activity to be complete in early November.

As part of this on Monday 26 October a crane will be used on Logan Close and Napa Close. It is expected the crane will only be used in East Village for one day. More information will be circulated closer to the date about the impact of the crane.


Hi all — bumped into Ashlyn Gibson from @olive_loves_alfie today, they will be opening up at 6 Victory Parade, East Village.

Ashlyn has a background in fashion and was Creative Director for Footwear at Britain’s iconic label ‘Red or Dead’ — they have another store in Stoke Newington where they are immersed within the community. She also posted couple of new topics today, so show her some love!


I’m also hoping the rumours of a Fish & Chip shop are true! I think then East Village will begin to shape up as a true destination zone, I currently travel to Fish House in Viccy Park village, which happens to be opposite the E9 @BottleApostle.


Yes to a Fish & Chips :slight_smile: @Lee - we always got to Poppies near Brick Lane @Gigi


Fish house in Viccy Park Village sure is one of the best chippies in London. We go regularly. Wish they were here…


@Falco @Lee I need to try it out! :slight_smile: