Shops and Retail Units in East Village


Hi @Trudy_Sharam we can’t wait to open. Our store fit is due to commence over the next couple of weeks. We’ll look forward to posting some updates. Thanks Tom.


We just wanted to say a massive thankyou to everyone who came down Saturday and showed there support! we have been non stop and the rest of this week is going so well! we are so glad to finally be up and running! we hope to see you all a lot more!!


You can follow the signorelli_london fit-out on Instagram:


This morning 26.3 had a fit-out company starting working - Does anyone knows what will open in there?


I don’t know exactly, but I believe @GetLivingLondon are planning to use the N26 units for a series of ‘pop up’ shops until they find permanent tenants.


Special welcome to Alberto from @Signorelli — It’s great to have you join us on Yonder.

I’m sure I’m not the only person looking forward to breaking bread with you very soon!

How’s the build in East Village going?



Hello Everyone,

Lee thank you for the warm welcome! We are very exited about our opening and joining this fabulous community. I am sure together we can make this one of London best place to live, play and eat.

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Alberto, I am the founder of Signorelli Bakery. It is an Italian inspired artisan bakery from my roots in northern Italy. I started my working life in agriculture and later decided I wanted to have more of an impact on the finished product. Many of the intolerances to food we are finding today are from industrial baking. My hope is once you try some breads made from ancient flours using traditional methods you will never turn back!

We will welcome you at our counter with freshly made breads, pastries, and cakes. These will be accompanied with seasonal salads, spreads, sandwiches and more. We will be offering delicious Italian coffee, a unique range of teas, freshly made juices and our Signature cocktails.

We will be open Tuesday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm. You can enjoy Breakfast, brunch, lunch, teatime and our soon to be famous “Aperitivo”.

Where ever possible I am sourcing locally and our menu with be very much seasonal.

We will be having our soft opening from Monday the 3th, will our official opening from Monday the 10th August.

If you have any questions please contact me at Looking forward to meeting you very soon! Feel free to pop your head in and say hello, I am here every day.


Café / Bakery "Signorelli"

In bocca al lupo! :blush:


Very exiting, only 10 days to go! We are counting on your Support #Eastvillagebuzz


Extremely excited that our side of the village is filling up. Welcome Signorelli!


Sneak preview from @LaGelatiera on Twitter.


Series of Pop-up shops


Welcome @Stozzy_London are you launching a new pop-up? —


Thank you! yes I am Lee.thx Are you a resident?


Are you able to tell us more about your pop-up yet? — Yes I’m a proud resident in East Village, I moved here with my family from nearby Fish Island in 2013.


Does anyone know what’s going to be on the corner of Penny Brookes Street? (26.3 - I think - on the letting plan image up top^)
I’ve noticed a lot of construction sounds coming from inside, particularly over the past week.


I think one of the ones there is going to be a multi-vendor pop-up kinda thing as I saw it advertised for rent here


Currently enjoying a very civilised cocktail at the now open Tina We Salute You 2 accompanied by oh so jolly 40’s jazz and view of the Wetland trees. Thumbs up from me.


I am looking forward to their full opening in a months time with longer opening hours and full food menu. :slight_smile: I saw this on their Twitter page.


Hi guys, please check out our latest short video project we did for @firezzapizza

Wooden decking on our balcony / winter garden / terrace