Shops and Retail Units in East Village


Hi All,

For the benefit of our new residents and even existing ones that aren’t aware, I just wanted to create a thread on the plans for the retail space in our blocks -

Overall, there will be 31 retailers, spread across the East Village in 2015. They will be:

Tina We Salute You on 'THE RIGHT ROAST'
Important news: wine shop in the village
Regency Beauty London - coming to East Village, E20!
Pave Velo Closed?

do any of these have websites or twitter accounts?


I am sure they do, but I do not have their details at hand. I’ll see if we can get more details up.


@Lizzie has just informed us that have applied for a license in N07, Raywood Mansions. Opening hours Monday - Sunday 09:00-00:00!!


Thanks for starting this. Bottle Apostle looks very cool. Glad it’s in my plot :wink:

Twitter - @bottleapostle
Fb -


The list that @NiK posted is from a posting on GLL’s portal months ago and nothing further has been stated officially. I predict a big launch for the majority sometime in November - we’ll all know about it! Though you’ll be seeing people working on fits in the shops well before then I expect. About time too!


There’s a building control application in for 10 Prize Walk’s fitout (I think one of the units under Vesta). Not clear what it will be, but hopefully it means that it will be started sometime soon.


@Ben question re building control - are the applications on the LLDC planning website or elsewhere? You know how I like to read these things even if I don’t always quite know what they are on about.


Newham do licensing and building control, LLDC just do planning. You can follow the links on looking at the monthly lists for Stratford and New Town ward is the easiest way to see if there’s anything new.


Thank you, I thought it might be something like that, I just didn’t know where to look and now I do. More interesting reading for me!


It doesn’t usually tell you very much, as it’s normally just details of the agent, but sometimes it does describe what it is going to be - like Shake Shack in Westfield, or the Barts Health Training Dental Centre in the medical centre.


As I am discovering - found the certificate for my flat though - apparently we are allowed to lived in it!!


Does anyone have any rumours on opening dates of anything? Mid-Autumn feels a bit too optimistic…


@danny It’s my understanding that there have been lots of approval delays in the handover for the commercial units, in much the same way the residential units were delayed. I think they will be staggered as opposed to all opening at once. I do believe we might get some before Christmas. I’ll see if we can prompt ‘the powers that be’ to make an official statement. Hello @GetLivingLondon — any public teasers?


10 Prize Walk (N09.3 on the map) will be a Branch of Firezza ( ) for those who need more pizza options.



I’m surprised there isn’t a florist!


Unit N09.2 (also Vesta) will be hair salon


Thanks @Ben — I’m desperate for a haircut and this will be handy. I’ll have to be careful it isn’t like living in ‘The Truman Show’ #CabinFever


Thanks so much for posting this information! It seems like nothing was ever going to spring up in those shop areas. By the way hello everyone, I’ve recently joined the group.


you’re most welcome @Vanessa… Welcome to East Village! :smile: