September 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Accessible rides


Mid-paced ride avg on Sat morning , leaving at 8am … any takers ?


I will most likely join you as I’m also bit time restrained.
See you there


Thinking about this 50km beauty: :man_shrugging:


If you’re up early grab a free espresso @PaveVelo before you ride today 8—8:15am


Thanks to everybody who went out for a ride. It was lot of fun:)


Great ride today, thanks @Lee, @MdeBokx and others.

Smashed a few PRs trying to keep up, going to feel it tomorrow!


Awesome ride today everyone :slight_smile: massive kudos :+1: Was great cycling as a big group, and thanks @Lee for the coffee afterwards!


Hi all, I live nearby and just came across your website. My girlfriend and I have recently got into road cycling and would be keen to join the next accessible ride to see what the club is all about. Do I just post on here to register, or is there something else to do?


Hi @tbskisydney! Yes, the next Accessible Ride is on the 24th and if you plan on coming just let us know here and then turn up on the day. A ride leader will be announced closer to the date who will be on hand to help during the ride.


Really enjoyed yesterday’s accessible ride led by the lovely @MdeBokx — good mix of abilities so everyone had a wheel to chase at one time or another.

Hi @tbskisydney — welcome to Yonder, as Henry mentioned, drop a line anytime for questions or queries, keep an eye on this thread and new future topics here on Yonder for more info. See you both soon


Hello, slow pace ride tomorrow evening, (Rides of all abilities welcome) meeting at Greenwich foot tunnel. More details below!


Last one from this week, promise!

Lea Valley session on Thursday. I will be honing a tonne of skilled fixed gear riders (yes they will have brakes) but all road riders welcome too.


I’ll be there with a mate



Mid-pace ride Sunday 17th September: Chelmsford Loop Granfondo

The route heads towards Chelmsford via Blackmore before looping around at Roxwell coming back via Fyfield, Moreton and North Weald. Really nice route but can get windy on way back. Ride will be non-stop save for a 2 minute recovery break at Blackmore.

Departure: 8:30am
Meeting place: Victory Park, opposite Sainsbury’s
Target Avg. Speed: 17-18 mph (27-29 kph)
Distance: 60miles (100km)
Route profile: Some small hills at the start, otherwise flat.

Please remember to:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Check your tyre pressures
  • Bring water and fuel (bars, gels)
  • Bring a spare tube, pump and levers/tools.
  • Have a way to get home in case of a serious mechanical (cash/card)
  • Warm/wet weather clothing just in case (yes, it’s that time of the year already :frowning:)

Anyone joining will need to be comfortable with the distance and pace, fuelling on a longer ride and be prepared to take turns on the front. Early check-out option available!

GPX: E20-Chelms-Epping.gpx (168.1 KB)


Should be good to join you Henry


Hi @Henry - see you in the morning mate


Hey @Henry I should be in aswell. Been a while since ive done over 60km hahahaa… (Gerda won’t be with me this time but should be good for next week)



I’m time constrained, so I’ll be up for leaving at 8:30am for a separate 2hr ride… I have to be back in East Village for 10:45


Awesome ride today guys! Thank you everyone who made it! (Sorry Jon I’ve stolen your picture!)


S’all good, I won’t be around for this Sunday due to a dog show in Chelmsford but if anyone knows any riders that are still slightly new to cycling or atleast interested in a 20km/h avg ride then please let them now about my Wednesday rides.

Thank you all!