September 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


Hello everyone, whos going to Lea Valley today?

(also, I managed to break my phone so Ive been off of whatsapp for the last few days)


I am thinking of coming along, probably 6.30pm or so


6.30 see u


So…Whos all riding Sunday and what route length?

I am medium route and I believe my start time is 8:30ish, no change from the regular Sundays then, convenient!




I’ll be out this Sunday and bringing a friend along. Anything up to 50miles-ish is good for me but happy to do longer or shorter.


Sorry @modboy I should have been clearer there. I was talking about L’Etape london!

I think there’s a few of us getting involved in that! Not sure who is still doing normal Sunday rides.




My bro and I are doing the 92 mile course, 8:35 am start. Look out for my red bike and (knowing my brother) full team sky kit!

Got a couple of friends doing the full course - they leave earlier but are scary fast, so I expect to be overtaken by them on the drag back in to London…


Doing the long route

Also look out for stuart shepherding people on the last run home


This is true, I’m helping any nervous cyclists home back to the velodrome from Loughton area. Have pulled muscles in my legs so could prove interesting…


I’d forgotten about l’etape. I’m feeling pretty ill atm and am doing a hill climb in a few hours, so I imagine that tomorrow will be spent lying down feeling poorly. Might see the other non-etape people tomorrow.


Good man for volunteering!

A fair bit of rain is currently predicted for the morning guys, here’s hoping that changes!


I am in for a medium or long ride. Shorter if wet…


@aahj I could possibly meet you two in the morn round the corner on victory parade before pulling out into the masses on Olympic park avenue ?


Outside Pavé at 7:50?


Plan B. If a load of people are doing the etape I will make like the mighty bear and start to move indoors to hibernate for winter. Warm and dry velodrome > Heavy rain / traffic


So just to confirm, is anyone doing the normal ride tomorrow morning ?


I would like to join a normal ride if there were someone familiar with the routes. Are there four or more keen for this?


I I’ll be out tomorrow at normal time with a mate.


After looking at the etape times and route, I would sadly suggest to either ride another route (in the complete other direction) or postpone the ride completely. Personally, I wont be taking the risk so I’m off to Regents park. Hope you all enjoy the ride either way :slight_smile:


The routes seems to be hijacking our back yard! I will be doing laps of Vic Park instead. :worried: